SFS FIVE - Kettlebell Workout Package (Digital Download)

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The SFS FIVE Kettlebell Workout Package has 5 fun and challenging full length workouts that only require one piece of equipment, a kettlebell! Each kettlebell workout has a unique protocol, and when combined, they make for the perfect weekly workout routine.

    Workout #1: Kettlebell Full Body Workout (43 minutes)

    Workout #2: Kettlebell Upper Body Workout (31 minutes)

    Workout #3: Kettlebell Lower Body Workout (27 minutes)

    Workout #4: Kettlebell Complex Workout (23 minutes)

    Workout #5: Kettlebell HIIT Workout (15 minutes)

    We will breakdown the entire workout on each workout page so you know what to expect before you start the workout. This will cover the workout protocol, exercises, sets, reps, rest time, goal of the workout, and best kettlebell size. All of the workouts are done with a single kettlebell, so all you need is one kettlebell!


    All of the workouts in our SFS FIVE Kettlebell Workout Package are coached by expert kettlebell trainer, Scott Viala. You will follow along with Scott just like you would if he was coaching you in a live setting. Scott will teach you how to do the movements, so no worries if an exercise in the workout is new to you. His cues and coaching techniques are simple and effective, so you will pick up any movement you don’t know quickly.

    If you want to prepare yourself for this workout package, you can get our Kettlebell Training e-Guide, which will take you from a beginner to advanced kettlebell skill level. Then, you will be ready for any kettlebell workout.

    Overall, as long as you know the fundamentals of kettlebell training, beginners to advanced kettlebell trainees will find our SFS FIVE KB workouts to be fun, challenging and highly effective for losing weight, building muscle, increasing strength, and overall, looking better, feeling better, and moving better.

    sfs five kettlebell workouts


    Our SFS FIVE Kettlebell Workout package comes in PDF format. Once you download it, you will be able to open the PDF from any device. Inside the PDF, you will learn all about the workouts (exercises, protocols, sets, reps, rest time, etc.), as well as your coach, Scott Viala.

    All of the workouts in our SFS FIVE Kettlebell Workout Package PDF are connected to our Google Drive, which you will have access to via shared links within the PDF, whether you have a Google account or not. You will also be able to download all of the videos if you wish to do so.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Anna V
    Perfect addition to the KB guide

    Amazing workouts that compliment the KB guide. These kettlebell workouts are really kicking my butt, loving every minute of it! Love training with Coach Scott;)

    Richard C
    Well Worth It

    An excellent kit of KB programming. Makes it easy to stay on track, plus Scott V's coaching is tops.

    Phil Colby
    Just as good as the SFS FIVE Steel Mace!

    I got the sfs five steel mace workout package then this kettlebell one. Both are stellar. Perfect instructions (some of the exercises I didn't know how to do beforehand), great workouts, and overall it makes for a well-rounded weekly routine. I'll be doing this routine for the next month. Looking forward to seeing the results!

    Shane T.
    Brutal but fun!

    This was exactly the kind of content I was looking for after not finding much online for kettlebell workouts. All the workouts and exercises were easy to follow with the trainer's explanations. I've already run through each of the workouts 3 times and I'm still loving them. Highly recommend, money well spent!