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SFS Strength is your ticket to breaking through plateaus and setting new PRs. With strategic periodization and meticulous lift tracking, we guarantee this 12-week program will propel you to new heights, both in performance and aesthetics.

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Your Trainer

This program was developed by SFS Head Coach Garett Reid. You're in good hands thanks to his many credentials:

  • Master's degree in Exercise Science.
  • NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS).
  • Certified Sports Nutritionist from the International Society of Sports Nutrition (CISSN).
  • Executive Council Member of the NSCA's Strongman Special Interest Group and published author in NSCA's Coach Journal.

What's Included

What's Needed

If you have access to a gym, then it should have everything you need for this program. However, we designed this program to be run with the minimal equipment needed for strength training. Because of our exercise substitutions, if you don’t have something or can’t do something, you’ll still be able to run the program. You WILL need a barbell with an appropriate amount of plates and dumbbells at a minimum.


Who should buy the SFS Strength Program?
The SFS Strength Program is perfect for anyone looking to enhance their overall strength, athletic performance and physique. If you found yourself hitting a strength plateau, or simply aspire to be stronger and more robust, this program offers a structured solution. It is meticulously designed to increase your power and endurance through waves of progressive resistance training, making it ideal for those who know their way around the gym but can’t seem to get stronger or bigger with consistency. And make no mistake, it’s not all about “strength”, this program will produce plenty of volume for muscle gains too.
What is the money back guarantee?
This is among the most complete strength training programs you are ever going to find. We spent a lot of time putting this together so everything is very clear and the results are stellar. Our number 1 priority is for you to get the absolute most from your training, in a safe and sustainable manner. With that, we are absolutely confident you will see great results if you run this program as prescribed for the full 12 weeks. If not, we guarantee to give your money back. Yes, we are that confident in this program.
What’s the difference between the 3, 4, 5 day options?
The 3 day option consists of full body workouts whereas the 4 and 5 day options are based on a modified-upper/lower split. Overall, the 3 day option is for those who have less time to workout during the week so it’s condensed a bit and lacks some exercises compared with the other two options. That said, total volume and work is mostly equated for, so the workouts lean slightly longer the less training days you have, and you can expect similar results from all three training day options.
How long should each workout take?
If you follow the cadence laid out by the program, the workouts will take around 65-80 mins, including warm up and warm up sets. As mentioned, the 3-day, and 4-day, will take slightly longer, as they involve more per workout to ensure comparable and optimal results.
What if I can’t do “X” exercise?
The program includes substitute exercises that can be selected via a dropdown on the spreadsheet. While we recommend the prescribed “featured” exercises, we’ve strategically provided alternatives that are great and accomplish the same purpose. That said, we implore you to use the main primary lifts, which are programmed at the start of each workout. After all, this is a strength program, which entails true strength lifts and programming for these. The secondary lifts and accessory exercises we are less fussy about as the alternatives are mostly equal, yet the prescribed are still preferred.
How do I know if I’m making progress?
With each 1 month block of this program you should be adding weight to your primary lifts. You’ll also see that we included volume formulas in the spreadsheets that you can look at to see if you’re increasing the total volume lifted on a monthly basis. For your secondary lifts and accessory exercises, you should see the volume trending up weekly or at least monthly as well. The spreadsheet makes tracking progress easy, as well as achieving progress as you’ll know exactly how much to increase session by session.
Will this program also build muscle?
While muscle growth is technically not the focus of this program, it is surely designed in a way that is optimal for gaining muscle as you build maximal strength. Interestingly, studies show that when volume is equated for, heavy lifting using power/strength focused programming is just as good for muscle growth as bodybuilding style workouts. Moreover, a stronger muscle has the greater potential to be a larger muscle. Strength training and hypertrophy go hand-in-hand. So yes, you will see muscle gains, and if you are somewhat new to training for strength, you may find the results on muscle growth to be stellar.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Matthew Picard
Exactly What I Was Looking For

I’m halfway through the 3 day program and am already seeing awesome results. The guide before hand was very informative and set me up for success. As soon as the program is done I’ll be upping my commitment to the 4 day. SFS, you guys rock.


Amazing program very useful and everything is very clear, but dont have time to go to the gym and sfs mace programs can do anywhere and any time. love the sfs five mace and really hoping you make another one.

Great strength building program

I purchased this program and have followed the 4 day program and now I’m currently running the 5 day program and I have increased all the compounds lift significantly and build muscle along the way!! Great program with variations and rep ranges so u never get bored and can utilize this program with minimal equipment as long as you have a barbell and be prepared to get more Weight plates!!! Amazing program packed with info and fits your schedule as well pick and use and. Modify to your liking!!! Highly recommend just me mindful it’s a 13 week program mostly strength focused!!! But nonetheless amazing program

Nikki Mills
Good programming

It is informative and a well balanced program, my only complaint is that the workouts are lengthy.

Scott Tighe
Packed with info

I originally found set for set for there mace training. Slowly they started releasing more strength training. Articles and they were pure gold right off the bat. If you are looking for great lifting programs or just want to learn more they have plenty for free. This program though takes it to the next level.
It’s so jammed packed with basically everything you need to design your own 3,4, or 5 day lifting program.
You can follow the programs in the book to a T or you can sub in exercises that fit the movement pattern.
It’s very high quality program and they easy over deliver.
You also get warm ups and plenty of exercise video demos if your not sure how to do a certain exercise.
Hands down worth it in my eyes if your a person that can follow a program to reap the rewards.
I’m still early in the program but I’m already seeing my strength improve!

Thanks Scott! We appreciate you being a long time supporter of SET FOR SET. Glad you like the Strength Program and we hope you see some great strength gains from it.