Steel Mace Training Guide (Digital Download)

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The Only Steel Mace Training Guide You'll Ever Need

Use the SET FOR SET Steel Mace Training Guide to apply foundational movement-based training techniques to your Steel Mace workouts.
Start working out with your Steel Mace safely and effectively using our 84-page Steel Mace Training e-Guide pdf, which will lead you from beginner to advanced mace skill level. 
The guide starts with a clear explanation of our Steel Mace training system. From there, we begin with hand placements, ready positions, and hand switches. Then, we take you through over 39 Steel Mace exercises, which include videos, instructions, tips and muscles worked. After that, we teach you how to combine movements for Steel Mace complexes and flows. Finally, we end with how to program Steel Mace workouts so you can create endless workouts and get into the best shape of your life!

Highlights include:
- 39 Steel Mace exercises (beginner, intermediate, and advanced).
- How to perform a proper 360 and 10-to-2 (with regression and progression exercises).

- Steel Mace complex lessons so you can master your flow too!
- Advanced hand switches to spice up your Steel Mace Flows.
- Workout Programming: Steel Mace workout examples (5 sample macebell workouts using 5 different training methods). 

This is a great, extensive e-guidebook for personal trainers who want to start training their clients using the Steel Mace and for Steel Mace enthusiasts who are just getting started. 



Each SFS Foundational Movement has a set of standards, generally defined by
Grip Orientation & Ready Position (GORP). Before bringing any movement into a
workout or program, you must define these movement standards.

Once you have defined the movement standards of an exercise, you need to find
the appropriate level of difficulty. Your progression is generally determined by two
factors: mobility and strength. We have 3 levels of training - Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

We define which parts of the body need to be stable and which are allowed to be
mobile. Ideally, this means that a progression will be challenging, but never to the
point where form or technique is compromised.

Practice. Once the appropriate level of progression has been identified, practice
the movement until you become proficient.

Now that you have defined the limits, you can intelligently achieve and sustain
new levels of fitness and durability.

There are 6 pillars to SET FOR SET’s Foundational Movements - Push, Core, Pull, Squat, Lunge, and Swing.

steel mace training guide

After Mastering This Online Steel Mace Training Course You Will Be Able To:

-Apply and coach movement standards and cues across a broad library of SFS Steel Mace exercises.
-Properly perform over 39 Steel Mace exercises and how to modify, de-load, or add intensity to scale movements for all fitness levels.
-Correctly engage muscles and joints when performing macebell exercises.
-Change the conditions of how you train with the Steel Mace to effectively work at all levels of fitness.
-Use the SFS Steel Mace Training Guide to establish foundational movement standards to expand your exercise library.
-Teach the Steel Mace effectively to your friends, family or clients.
-Understand the historical importance and anatomy of the Steel Macebell.
-Perform complicated Mace Flows.
-Perform advanced hand switches to add more flair to your Steel Mace workouts and movements.

Levels included: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

Note: For those who purchase our Steel Mace Training e-Guide, when we make updates to it, you will automatically receive an email with the newest version.

Furthermore, all of the videos in this PDF e-guide are connected to our Google Drive, which you will have access to via shared links within the e-guide. You will also be able to download all of the videos with ease as you please. 

Customer Reviews

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Very informative but the videos won’t play on the download

Duncan Rahmlow
An epic training guide!

This workout guide is a great introduction to training with your steel mace. I've been using the techniques in melee weaponry found in this guide to fight hordes of zombies for three weeks now! All my barbarian friends have noticed my steel mace skills increase since I've been implementing these new lessons and routines. The martial art instructions are both fun and easy to follow with videos attached to each new attack! So, whether you're training to bash zombie brains, pit your grit against a ravenous rancor, or simply want a new home defence tool.. Set for Set's Steel Mace training guide is for you!

Great guide to learn the moves

This is great to start learning. But I wish they had more workout routines to follow along.


very good exercises and beautiful programs in which to implement them

Warren Sturrup

An easy learn to a great workout.