Lacrosse Ball & Peanut Massage Ball Bundle

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Massage Balls For Trigger Point Therapy

Set For Set's Massage Ball Bundle with carrying bag consists of a Single Lacrosse ball and a Double (Peanut) Massage Ball. Our massage balls will provide you with a full range of post-workout muscle therapy. Myofascial release exercises should be undertaken on all areas of the body, and having both the single and the double lacrosse massage ball will allow you to trigger every muscle from head to toe.


Massage Ball Bundle comes with a carrying bag that can fit both the single and double lacrosse ball. This way you can easily travel with your massage balls anywhere. The lacrosse balls are made of durable rubber which creates the exact level of friction and density needed to reach deep in the fascia and provide enough pressure to connective tissue and sore muscles. You can be sure to relieve cramps and kinks wherever you have minor pain or tightness with our massage ball bundle.

Dimensions: 5.0" x 2.5"
Made from Natural Rubber
Color: Black & Red
Full Body Trigger Point Therapy
Portable, comes with carrying bag
    Massage Ball Bundle with Set For Set carrying bag

    Benefits of the Lacrosse Ball and Peanut Massage Ball

    LIKE A PERSONAL MASSEUSE – It’s more versatile for reaching all points of your body compared to a foam roller. Massage balls can be used for trigger point therapy to massage your feet, calves, legs, hips, glutes, back, shoulders and neck. You can apply more or less pressure using your own body weight.

    More Benefits:
    Mobilize the spine
    Complete myofascial release
    Restore suppleness to your spine
    Reduce pain
    Reduce soreness after a tough workout
    Increase range of motion (and ease when moving)
    Help with recurring injuries
    Prevent injuries
    Help with inflammation of muscles
    Relieve stress and relax tight muscles
    Alleviate kinks and cramps
    Restore your range of motion in your thoracic spine  
    Decrease stress


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