Speed Rope

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Speed Rope For Full Body Conditioning

Set For Set's Speed Rope is the perfect full body conditioning tool and it comes with a carry bag so it's super easy to take on the go. Our speed rope was made for athletes, competitors and weekend warriors alike.  The dual axis ball bearing handles are designed to rotate at higher maximum speeds. More turns per minute equal a more intense workout and more calories burnt. Use your speed rope to master double-unders or try to conquer the elusive triple-under.

Premium Speed Rope. The handles are made from 100% aluminum, they are very strong and durable. By using advanced precision cutting, we were able to hollow out the handles for an ultra-lightweight feel and add a knurl grip to prevent any slipping while jump roping. Our dual axis ball bearing anchor makes for extremely smooth rotation while preventing the handle from sliding up or down the rope. It also makes sizing adjustments quick and easy. The speed rope comes with 10 feet of coated steel cable and can be easily adjusted (and cut with a wire cutter) to suit your height.

Black Coated Steel Cable – 10’ (adjustable)
New Anti-friction Technology
Precision-cut 100% Aluminum Hollowed Handles
Enhanced Grip with Knurled Handles
Comes with carrying bag

    Speed jump rope close up of all it's components

    Benefits of the Speed Rope

    The great thing about our speed rope is that it complements most training programs, it’s extremely affordable, and it is portable so you can get a serious workout in anywhere. It's one of the best portable fitness equipment there is, as it provides intense full body conditioning with very little space required. Plus, there are so many tricks to master!

    More Benefits:
    Full body workout; creates muscle tone and definition
    Increase reaction time, footwork & coordination
    Improves speed, agility, and endurance - boost stamina
    Extreme fat loss
    Promotes cardiovascular & lymphatic health
    Great exercise for brain
    Increases bone density
     Ability to burn up to 1,000 calories per hour
    Best design to do double unders

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