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How to do Progressive Overload with Steel Maces to Build Big & Strong Legs

February 24, 2020

In this post, Scott Viala presents a truly effective Steel Mace Lower Body Workout. He also explains his progressive overload training methods for steel mace lower body workouts, so you can learn how to build big and powerful legs with steel maces.

progressive overload with steel mace

How can I build big & powerful legs using only the steel mace and kettlebells?

I get asked by new clients all the time "how can I build big & powerful legs using only the steel mace and kettlebells?". They have been doing heavy leg press, leg extensions and everything else in between and still have small weak legs so how can they possibly build their legs using 10-30lbs?

Now don’t get me wrong I do incorporate trap bar deadlifts, hip thrusters & heavy sleds. But the vast majority of my training methods that are building powerful legs for men and women are from Kettlebells & the steel mace. Once a client finishes one of my training sessions with the steel mace & use the implement with full intention, they fully understand just how powerful the steel mace can be to build up the legs. So how do I build strong and powerful legs with what would be through as a relatively lighter weight load? The answer to that is progressive overload.

So how do you achieve progressive overload using the steel mace? It can be achieved in many different ways, not just by adding 10 lbs to the bar every week. Yes, increasing the weight of the steel mace is one way. But anyone who has ever picked up a steel mace knows it is skill work and not easy to increase from 15-20lbs quickly.

So how do I increase progressive overload while staying with the same amount of weight? In the case of my workout a 20lb steel mace!

how to train legs with a steel mace

How to Progressive Overload with Steel Maces:

  • Using the same weight of steel mace but increasing range of motion
  • Using the same weight of steel mace & volume but increasing the tension, better form, intensity
  • Shortening the rest time between sets & exercises
  • Adding more sets/ adding more reps
  • Using the same weight of steel mace but increasing the frequency throughout the week
  • Using the same weight of steel mace but pushing past failure with drop sets, static holds and partial reps

So there are many ways to increase progressive overload to build up your body but always remember before increasing any of the listed methods above make sure you are performing the movements properly and the form is on point. Never increase weight/sets/ reps if the form is not dialed in. I think this is important in any type of strength training but even more so in the world of the steel mace. A lot of the mace movements follow traditional movement patterns but adding the off-balance weight makes those movements more difficult to perform properly.

Also if you are adding in any type of rotation (steel mace 360) to put the movements together understanding the movement and how to perform it properly. Do not just flailing around putting your rotator cuff at risk because you saw a cool Instagram video. Seek out a trained professional who understands body mechanics, trains clients regularly (not someone who only trains themselves) and knows how different body shapes and limiting factors will change the course of the movement. Then once you understand the movements and your form is in check feel free to add the different methods of progressive overload. The workout provided can be adapted and changed to accommodate your needs. Whether that be reducing or increasing the weight/work rate or rest periods.

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    I hope you enjoy this workout I put together using my 20lb Set for Set Steel Mace and as always if you have any questions please message me on Instagram - @Viala_Training or email –


    Workout Details

    WARM UP:

    1a) Resistance Band Hip Thruster w/ Mini Band
    Work: Sets - 3 x Reps - 10,12,15

    1b) Mini Band Clam Shells
    Work: Sets - 3 x Reps - 20,20,20

    1c) Resistance Band Bird Dog
    Work: Sets - 3 x Reps - 10 (each side)

    1d) Rainbows
    Work: Sets - 3 x Reps - 10 (each side)

    Rest- 60-90 seconds between each set 


    2) Walking Off Set Lunges
    Work: 60 Sec x 4 Sets (switching sides of the mace each set)

    3) Double Lunge
    Work: 30 Sec (each side) x 4 Sets

    4) Offset Deadlifts
    Work: 60 Sec x 4 Sets (switching sides of the mace each set)

    5) Ballistic Curl Squats
    Work: 60 Sec x 4 sets 

    Rest 60 seconds between sets & 60-90 seconds between exercises

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