Back to the basics of Jumping Rope

Back to the basics of Jumping Rope

October 10, 2017

The jump rope is the true pound for pound champion in the world of fitness equipment. The speed jump rope is a modern upgrade to this tried and true piece of equipment.

World class athletes turn to the jump rope for cardiovascular workouts similar to running. If jumping at a high intensity one can burn 700-1000 calories over the course of an hour.

Professional trainers and fitness experts will recommend jumping rope over running because of the many benefits.

Benefits of Jumping Rope

  • Improved coordination
  • Reduced risk of leg injuries
  • Enhance brain cognition
  • Burn calories faster
  • Portable workout
  • Improved bone density
  • Increases ability to stay calm

What kind of jump rope should I buy?

There are various types of jump ropes each with pros and cons. Varying from the double-dutch, cloth beaded, weighted, leather to speed ropes. We believe the most versatile rope for athletes is the speed rope due to its ability to achieve a higher rate of rotation compared with its counterparts. More rotations per minute equals to more calories burned and a more intensive workout.

Where should I jump rope?

Now that we’ve determined the speed rope is the way to go for you, next you have to decide where you should use it. The ideal surface to jump rope on is a shock absorbent surface such as the rubber flooring in a gym. If the a gym isn't feasible because of  traveling or you want to take your new speed rope outside the next best area would be to find a tennis court, track or a grassy area. We advise not using your speed rope on hard rough surfaces like concrete because of the high impact on your joints and feet plus the rough surface could do some damage to the rope.

How do I determine what length the rope should be?

We made a quick reference video to resize your speed rope according to your height. Depending on your skill set and experience with the jump rope, please follow the general guidelines below.

Beginner: When standing on the rope with one foot; the rope should be level with your shoulders.

Intermediate/Advanced:  When standing on the rope with one foot; the rope should be level with your armpits or just below.

How long does it take to learn how to jump rope?

Everyone learns at different speeds so take this as a rough guideline. If you are a beginner we suggest you start with trying to jump rope without mistakes for up to 20-30 seconds. This may take some practice of a few weekly sessions. Once you’re able to jump rope fluently for 30 second clips then you should set the goal to make it to 3 minutes. At first this can be frustrating, but as with any new skill there is a learning curve. Once you feel comfortable jumping rope for a few minutes at a time then you can start trying out the different styles below.

 Tip** Hang your speed rope on a hook or peg so the cable stays true and straight. If any kinks develop it will hinder spinning speed.

What are some basic styles of jumping rope?




What is the best jump rope workout?

After you've become comfortable and built up your skill set to use the speed rope fluidly then you're ready to complete a full workout. There are many different types of workouts you could do with the jump rope. We believe the best jump rope work out is to jump rope for timed rounds, similar to the way boxers train with them.

For example, complete 5 rounds of 3 minutes non-stop jumping. Try to alternate between fast paced jumping like double-unders mixed with less intensive jumping in place. Take 1 minute rests between rounds.

You can also incorporate the speed rope into a bodyweight circuit to get a full body workout that will melt that pesky fat into sweat.


The speed rope is a must have in your fitness equipment arsenal. For under $30 you have a light-weight, durable and portable workout that is sure to improve your athletic ability.

We recommend adding jumping rope to your normal workout routine. Use the speed rope in various ways; in your warm-up, HIIT workouts, cardio and footwork drills.You will reap the benefits of jumping rope in no time if you use it consistently.

Grab your ropes, battle on!

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