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Our steel mace is forged from solid steel and sports a knurled grip for intense workouts. Enhance your grip strength, stabilize your shoulders and increase your core rotational strength.

Heavy Duty Resistance Bands


Our power bands are made from continuous layers of the best natural Malaysian latex. These resistance bands are great for advanced athletes, powerlifters, gym goers, travelers and beginners. Take your workout with you and add resistance to your gym routine, use them for pull-up assists or throw them in your carry-on.


Our speed rope was designed for maximum speed; it's lighter and faster than the competition. More turns per minute equal a more intense workout and more calories burnt. Use our speed rope to master double-unders or conquer the elusive triple-under.


Our massage ball bundle is perfect for trigger point and myofascial release therapy. Reduce stress, alleviate pain and speed up recovery.