Steel Mace Workouts




Create a workout using the exercises above.

Workout Methods

Method 1 - Traditional:

Choose 5 exercises
4 sets x 10-12 reps (both sides if applicable) for each exercise.

Method 2 - Circuit:
Choose 4-5 exercises
10 reps (both sides if applicable) each exercise, circuit style.
i.e. Exercise 1 x10, Exercise 2 x10, Exercise 3 x10, Exercise 4 x10, minimal rest, repeat.
Do this for 4-5 rounds.

Method 3 - Warrior:
Choose 3-5+ exercises
String together all the exercises continually into one large rep.
i.e. Exercise 1 x1, Exercise 2 x1, Exercise 3 x1, Exercise 4 x1 = 1 large rep, then repeat until time is up. Do this for 15-25 minutes straight without putting the mace down.
Only rest if you have to! 

Method 4 - Flow:
For advanced steel mace movers. A flow combines all the moves you know, whatever you feel in the moment, without limitation. Mace flowing should be considered an art form, nonetheless, it's definitely a serious full body badass workout. As seen below.