12 Tips to Stay in Shape; Cardio Not Included.

12 Tips to Stay in Shape; Cardio Not Included.

August 07, 2017

In a perfect world we would have the time to squeeze in some daily cardio. But as we all know, this is far from a perfect world. So we put together 10 tips to stay in shape without cardio.

12. Burn more calories with everyday activities

You might not have time for the gym or evening runs but there are a few everyday activities that we all perform that can be transformed into efficient calorie burning movement. If you work in an office building or live in a multi level home, skip the elevator and head for the stairs. Going shopping? Park further away from the entrance then walk.

11. Wait with purpose

Next time you’re at the office making copies, don’t just stand there, try to fit in a few stretches. Commercial break during your favorite show? Stand up and stretch or even try balancing on one leg until it’s over. No more stagnant waiting!

10. Ball out

If your normal day consists of a lot of sitting time, try replacing your chair with an exercise ball This will engage your core thus improving your posture while burning some extra calories.

9. Drink more water

Drinking water will help you curb your appetite and lose weight, especially if you drink a glass prior to mealtime. Put down those sugary, calorie filled drinks and pick up a glass of water. We suggest you get yourself gallon of water from a local store and drink the full amount throughout the day. You can fill this up and carry it around with you saving you money, and the environment while adding some weighted movement when you walk. It’s a win-win win!

8. Portion control

Eat your meals on smaller dishware. Over the past decades portion size has gotten out of control. You will lose weight and eat healthier if your dinner plate isn’t the size of a 45lb plate.

7. Get more Zzzz and don’t stress it

The lack of sleep and the abundance of stress can be two of the biggest culprits when it comes to gaining weight. Appetite regulating hormones leptin and ghrelin are affected by a lack of sleep leading you to eat more throughout the day. The more stress you’re experiencing will result in higher cortisol levels. When these hormones are negatively changed people tend to make bad decisions when it comes to eating, usually opting for higher caloric food.

6. Chew before you swallow

Our brains function at break neck speed but when it comes to registering how much you’ve eaten it needs some time to realize that your stomach is full. So take your time to thoroughly chew all your food before you swallow. It has been shown that faster eaters tend to gain more weight compared with slower eaters. In Japan, they have the adage “eat until you’re 80% full”, we think that is sound advice.

5. Out of sight out of mind

DON’T buy unhealthy food for your home. If there aren’t any unhealthy options for you to snack on while vegging out at home then you won’t be tempted to eat the Twinkies staring you in the face. Or, when you head to work pack a few healthy options for snacks. When you get hungry and go for the snack and realize it doesn’t sound too appealing, then you probably didn’t need to eat in the first place.

4. Intermittent Fasting (IF)

Check out an article we wrote a while back about six intermittent fasting methods. Intermittent fasting is a simple concept that most people will be able to execute properly with a little discipline. We believe the best method is the easiest one to adhere to, simply eat between the times of 12-8pm. Spend most of your fasting time sleeping comfortably in your bed.

3. Eat more protein

Protein is necessary for your body to function at its best, it also helps you to feel fuller for longer. So, try to sneak more protein into your everyday diet by eating more nuts, lean meats and the easiest of them all, protein shakes. Protein positively affects appetite influencing hormones ghrelin and GLP-1. Skip the carb loaded, grainy breakfasts and opt for eggs or a protein rich meal that will kick start your metabolism and help you feel fuller.

2. Drop your phone, forget t.v.; just eat

If you’re paying attention to what you’re consuming, the chances are that you will eat less. Studies have shown that people who are distracted while eating tend to overeat. Let’s go back to the days where people actually conversed during mealtimes, not such a crazy thought is it?

1. Don’t drink your calories

Americans are facing an obesity epidemic partly due to sugary drinks. The added sugar in drinks doesn’t make you feel full or contribute any extra nutritional benefits. Say it with me now “Drink more water”! Don’t worry, coffee and green tea are also great options and can provide a boost of energy, as long as you’re not pouring any “white death” into them.

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