steel mace grip workout

Steel Mace Grip & Wrist Strength Workout

June 19, 2020 1 Comment

Strengthening your hands, wrist and forearms will increase your grip strength and endurance, which in turn will boost your overall performance in sports and lifting, not to mention daily life. The steel mace is the perfect tool to improve your grip and wrist strength. 

We put Arkaduisz's grip and wrists to the test today using our 7 & 10-pound steel mace. 


Exercise 1: Single Arm Pike
Exercise 2: Wrist Rolls
Exercise 3: Single Arm Pendulum
Exercise 4: Forward Extensions
Exercise 5: Grip The Head
Exercise 6: Offset Hold
Exercise 7: Front Switch

The offset weight of The Steel Mace puts a lot of work on your hands, wrists, and forearms as you must fight to counterbalance it. This uneven weight displacement amplifies the difficulty of gripping the mace during typical movements. Your grip will be tested when performing almost every steel mace exercise.

Other steel mace exercises great for grip training:
1. 360
2. 10-to-2
3. Pendulum
4. Metronome

Altering the difficulty of the steel mace

A wider grip on the handle will make it easier to perform most steel mace exercises.

With one hand close to the mace-head and the other hand close to the end of the handle, the movements/exercises are easier because it counterbalances the uneven weight distribution.

By gripping towards the end of the metal rod with BOTH hands closer together you will make exercises considerably more difficult, requiring more control and overall strength, as the uneven allocation of the mace’s weight will remain off balance.

The ability to change the difficulty of a movement by simply altering your hand placement makes the Steel Mace an extremely dynamic and versatile training tool.

steel mace guide

This guide will teach you everything you need to know about the mace, including hand placements, starting positions, grip orientation, and tons of video exercises so that you can become a pro mace user/trainer. 

Want more grip training?

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September 22, 2018

Nice to read from you. The texts provided here regarding exercises for strengthening wrist is very interesting. I have a weaker wrist I will follow the tips you provided here.

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