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SFS Hypertrophy Program

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A SET FOR SET Program For Building Muscle

Prepare to maximize your gains with our exclusive 12-week hypertrophy training program.

12 Weeks of Training

4 and 5 Day Per Week Programming Options

The program comes in PDF format and includes spreadsheets so you can track your workouts, volume, and overall progress.

Program Goal: 

Build Some Serious Muscle Mass

Expected Strength Gains:

Beginner (1-6 months): 12 lb

Novice (6-12 months): 8-10 lb

Intermediate (1-2 years): 5-7 lb

Advanced (2+ years): 2-3 lb


At the very least, you should have a good understanding of biomechanics and be able to do all the major exercises with good form, which include squats, deadlifts, bench press, military press, rows, chin ups, and dips. For any accessory exercise you don’t know, we provide clear instruction on the form (which includes demo videos) so we are confident you will learn quickly.

The best part about our hypertrophy program is it works for all levels. If you are a complete beginner, the SFS Hypertrophy Program includes a prep program just for you! The prep program, which we named ‘The Road to Muscle Building’, is 4 weeks and it will get you ready to crush the 12-week hypertrophy program.

What’s Included In Our SFS Hypertrophy Program?

205-page Hypertrophy Program PDF (everything you need to know from start to finish)

Manual Checklist (to see your before & after transformation upon completion)

Exercise Library (complete breakdown to master technique)

4 and 5 Day Programs (choose what’s best for your schedule)

Excel Spreadsheet (to follow and keep track of every workout) 

Diet, Nutrition & Recovery Plan (maximize your gains) 

Our Promise:

This is among the most complete muscle-building training programs ever made. We spent a lot of time putting this together so everything is very clear. Our number 1 priority is for you to get the absolute most from your training, in a safe and sustainable manner, so you can maximize your gains.

If you follow this program to the tee, we promise you will build the most possible muscle in a 12-week time frame. Not only that, but you will get stronger too. Upon completion of the program, you can either run it again or switch to the 5-day program if you did the 4-day program to start (and vice versa).

100% Money Back Guarantee if you are unsatisfied with the results after running this program. Remember though, that your diet is key, and we will teach you all you need to know about eating for muscle gain.

What You Will Need:

If you have access to a gym, it should have everything you need for this program. We designed this program to be run with minimal equipment needed. Moreover, because of the exercise substitutions, if you don’t have certain equipment or can’t do something, you’ll still be able to run the program.

But just to be clear, you WILL need a barbell with an appropriate amount of weight plates and dumbbells at an absolute minimum. A cable machine with various attachments will also be ideal, but these exercises can be replicated with dumbbells or bands. Without these essentials, there really is no point in running a bonafide hypertrophy program like this.

best hypertrophy program

Are You Ready to Get Yoked?

You want to be jacked? You want to have to buy brand new shirts to fit your brand new bi’s and tri’s? You want pecs that bounce and a back that casts a shadow on everybody around you? Yea, we know shadows only go in one direction, which is how frickin’ awesome this program is going to be. It’ll bend the known laws of physics. You see, this program contains secrets that literally no one has ever known until now; not even Arnold. Yes. This program is better than Arnold.

We really hope you don’t believe any of that crap because in reality there are no secrets to building mass that aren't already known. At least with modern technology. This muscle-building program is predominantly based on real science; let’s say 80ish%. The other 20% is going to be some “bro” stuff because not all bro science is useless. In fact, a lot of the stuff you hear in gyms actually works, even if the mechanisms aren’t being explained properly. Plus, if we followed science 100%, we wouldn’t do fun stuff like drop sets, because studies say those don’t work. That’s BS. They do work and we’re going to do them regardless of what the studies say. We’re just going to keep it within reason. For example, you are NOT going to do 10 drop sets with the gym’s entire collection of dumbbells laying at your feet.

In all seriousness, this program relies heavily on the fundamentals and basics of hypertrophy training because that’s what works. Then, after that’s covered, you’ll have a bit of flair for fun. If you’ve been tired of the bro science for being too silly but feel the “backed by science” is too stuffy, you’ll love this program. We hope you have a license to carry because you’re about to be walking around with some GUNS 💪.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Sorta easy to follow and comprehend program. Feeling stronger after two weeks.

Mark Hubbard
Removes the guesswork

Stumbled upon SFS while searching the web for Hypertrophy training programs. Found the SFS content to be easy to understand and the website highly navigable. Bought the Hypertrophy training program and am in week 2 of 4-Day/week regimen. Have really liked the workouts and all the additional/accompanying information that came with the program. Easily worth the small investment.


Great program

CJay MacKay

Well it's definitely worth it .

Tom Pellegrini
Slow and steady wins the race.

Haven't started yet. Am in the 9th week of the SFS STRENGTH PROGRAM and am having great results. Have been doing the SFS MACE PROGRAM for about a year before starting the SFS STRENGTH PROGRAM. After the SFS STRENGTH PROGRAM I'll do a few weeks in between with the Mace again and then start the HYPERTROPHY. With a carnivore diet and the Mace I went from 248 lbs. to 185 lbs. in a little less than a year. At 69 I'm left with a little loose skin I'm going to try to tighten up with the SFS HYPERTROPHY PROGRAM. Carried the weight for too long. Wish I would have discovered these programs when I was younger.