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Looking to pack on some serious muscle mass? Our 12-week muscle-building program combines the latest research in exercise science with tried-and-true methods from the Golden Age of bodybuilding, all while making progress tracking simple. It's time to optimize those gains!

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Your Trainer

This program was developed by SFS Head Coach Garett Reid. You're in good hands thanks to his many credentials:

  • Master's degree in Exercise Science.
  • NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS).
  • Certified Sports Nutritionist from the International Society of Sports Nutrition (CISSN).
  • Executive Council Member of the NSCA's Strongman Special Interest Group and published author in NSCA's Coach Journal.

What's Included

What's Needed

You WILL need a barbell with an appropriate amount of weight plates and dumbbells at an absolute minimum. A cable machine with various attachments will also be ideal, but these exercises can be replicated with dumbbells or bands.


Who should buy this program?
The SFS Hypertrophy program is ideal for anyone looking to break through fitness plateaus and transform their physique. Whether you've started lifting 6 months ago or an experienced lifter struggling to see further gains, this program is designed to challenge your muscles in new ways, promoting growth and strength. It's particularly suitable for those who feel stuck in their current routine or who aren't seeing the results they want from their workouts. With expertly crafted plans that focus on measurable progressive overload and exercise variety, this program will help you achieve the strong, muscular physique you envision.
What is the money back guarantee?
This is among the most complete muscle-building training programs you are ever going to find. We spent a lot of time putting this together so everything is very clear and the results are stellar. Our number 1 priority is for you to get the absolute most from your training, in a safe and sustainable manner. With that, we are absolutely confident you will see great results if you run this program as prescribed for the full 12 weeks. If not, we guarantee to give your money back. Yes, we are that confident in this program.
I can't do "X" exercise, can I still run this program?
Yes you absolutely can, we added appropriate substitutions for each exercise in the program. If for whatever reason you can’t do an exercise (on any given day, or at all), then you'll be able to choose from the next best option in the dropdown found in your spreadsheet.
What's the difference between the 4 and 5 day option?
The 4 day option consists of a push/pull split whereas the 5 day option is based on an upper/lower workout split. You can expect similar results with either program as volume was equated for (this also means the 4-day workouts are a little longer than the 5-day plan). With that, you should choose the frequency that fits your schedule best. Consider what you can manage consistently for the next 12 weeks.
Do I need a gym membership to run this program?
You don’t need to have access to a commercial gym but you’ll need at least a squat rack, adjustable bench, barbell plus weight plates, and dumbbells. That said, access to a complete gym is ideal, as if not you’ll have to choose substitutes for certain exercises like leg press or leg extensions/curls. You’ll also be more limited on the alternatives we provide, which we’ve selected specifically for this program.
How much muscle can I expect to put on?
Novice lifters can expect as much as 12 pounds of muscle gain. More experienced lifters can expect anywhere from 3-8 pounds of lean mass gain.
Will this program also build strength?
While strength isn’t the primary purpose of this program, you’ll definitely see some considerable gains in strength.
How long are the workouts?
The 4-day schedule has workouts that range from 55-65 minutes. The 5-day, around 50-60 minutes. Not including warm up, cool down, or optional cardio. The reason the 5-day leans to having slightly shorter duration is because the 4-day has similar total weekly volume, which requires a bit more work each session. However, this also means the results will be similar with both the 4 and 5 day schedules, so you should choose based on which training frequency best suits you.
Does this program include cardio
Although cardio is "optional" we do highly recommend that you implement a couple cardio sessions. This program provides exactly what to do and when to do it, but again, it's optional here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

It is an excellent workout regimen and extremely educational regarding different exercises.

Robin Keld
The Best Yet!

Fantastically comprehensive! Year 6 of my bodybuilding journey and this already feels like the best yet. I'm already planning on repeating it. I've used various others from well known websites over the years and they don't come close to this. I love it!!


Sorta easy to follow and comprehend program. Feeling stronger after two weeks.

Mark Hubbard
Removes the guesswork

Stumbled upon SFS while searching the web for Hypertrophy training programs. Found the SFS content to be easy to understand and the website highly navigable. Bought the Hypertrophy training program and am in week 2 of 4-Day/week regimen. Have really liked the workouts and all the additional/accompanying information that came with the program. Easily worth the small investment.


Great program