Kettlebell: The Most Versatile and Dynamic Training Tool in Fitness

Kettlebell is the English word for 'Russian girya' - an 18th-century cannonball-like metal weight (made of cast iron or steel) used to weigh crops using a Russian unit of measurement called "Pood"(roughly 36lb). By the end of the 19th century, the girya had morphed into a training tool used in competitive weightlifting in Russia and various parts of Europe. In the 20th century, this unconventional training tool was introduced to the Western fitness world and it adopted the term Kettlebell. Since then, the dynamic and somewhat awkward kettlebell has proven to be one of the most effective and versatile functional fitness tools available for sale.


UNPARALLELED CRAFTSMANSHIP. Set For Set Kettlebells are comprised of gray cast iron then finished with an electrostatic black matte powder coating for optimal durability and grip. Our cast iron kettlebells (18LB, 26LB, 35LB, 40LB, 44LB, 53LB) are made to last a few lifetimes.

Kettlebell Specifications:
100% Cast Iron
Electrostatic Black Matte Powder Coat
Absolutely Unbreakable

Handle Width: 6.50in
Handle Diameter: 1.37in
Window Height: 2.50in
Window Width: 4in
Total Height: 7.75in
Front Width: 4.60in
Side Width: 4.15in
Handle Width: 7.50in
Handle Diameter: 1.44in
Window Height: 2.50in
Window Width: 4.7in
Total Height: 8.5in
Front Width: 5.3in
Side Width: 4.75in

Handle Width: 7.6in
Handle Diameter: 1.5in
Window Height: 2.50in
Window Width: 4.7in
Total Height: 9.45in
Front Width: 6.25in
Side Width: 5.25in

Handle Width: 7.68in
Handle Diameter: 1.53in
Window Height: 2.50in
Window Width: 4.7in
Total Height: 9.75in
Front Width: 6.4in
Side Width: 5.75in

Handle Width: 8in
Handle Diameter: 1.53in
Window Height: 2.9in
Window Width: 5in
Total Height: 10.25in
Front Width: 6.5in
Side Width: 5.9in

Handle Width: 7.75in
Handle Diameter: 1.56in
Window Height: 2.50in
Window Width: 4.7in
Total Height: 10.4in
Front Width: 7.2in
Side Width: 6.3in

Cast iron kettlebells

Kettlebell Benefits

Kettlebells are an all-in-one total body strength & conditioning tool. Kettlebell training builds muscle, strength, explosive power, and endurance through dynamic, compound, multiplanar exercises. Moreover, due to its offset and unilateral training nature, kettlebells will greatly improve your core strength, coordination, balance, stabilizer muscles, grip strength, range of motion, and all-around athleticism. All in all, the kettlebell is the perfect tool for burning fat, gaining strength, and building lean muscle mass.


What Size Kettlebell Is Right For You?

SET FOR SET Kettlebells are available in five different weight options 18LB, 26LB, 35LB, 40LB, 44LB and 53LB.

We suggest reading our comprehensive article What Size Kettlebell Should I Buy?

The right size kettlebell is highly related to your fitness level, fitness goals, and the type of exercises you will use them for. If you have any questions about what size kettlebell is right for you please don't hesitate to contact us. 

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