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Steel Mace Supplier For Workshops & Gyms (+ Workshop Programming)

January 17, 2019 1 Comment

Are you planning to run a steel mace workshop in your area?

Do you need macebells for your gym?

SET FOR SET has you covered with wholesale pricing on steel maces ranging from 7 to 25 pounds. We offer our high quality steel maces at an unbeatable price for those looking to train themselves and others using this ultimate functional training tool.

Below we will provide you with all the information you need when purchasing steel maces for your gym and for the students at your next workshop. We will also break down what size maces you should train your clients with, why the mace is popular and its benefits, and how you can set up a plan for your workshop so that it is complete, efficient and efficacious.

wholesale steel maces

Steel Mace Sizes

Steel Mace Weight Range:


We will have bigger sizes for all the beasts out there sooner than later.

Steel Mace Dimensions:

Head Diameter: 3.4”
Total Length: 31"
Handle Diameter: 1.26”
Tube Thickness: 2mm

Head Diameter: 3.7”
Total Length: 40"
Handle Diameter: 1.57”
Tube Thickness: 2mm

Head Diameter: 4.3"
Total Length: 41"
Handle Diameter: 1.57”
Tube Thickness: 2mm

Head Diameter: 4.9”
Total Length: 43.31"
Handle Diameter: 1.57”
Tube Thickness: 2mm

Head Diameter: 5.3”
Total Length: 43.7"
Handle Diameter: 1.57”
Tube Thickness: 2mm

steel maces for my gym

Steel Mace Features

We designed our steel maces so that they have the proper handle length to enable them to swing effectively for moves like the 360 and 10 to 2. We want our steel mace to mimic the function of the Gada as best as possible, as we understand the importance of a longer handle for swinging movements.

We also created the handle width to be a size that challenges the grip as we believe that is one of the important aspects of steel mace training.

All sizes of steel maces come with two knurled gripping areas on the handle (top and center). Our knurling offers the perfect grip security and is comfortable to the hands as to not destroy the skin.

The end of our handles are smooth and have a perfectly welded steel end cap, making our steel maces completely indestructible top to bottom.

The handles are welded on tactfully to the ball, to not only make the mace extremely safe but to also complete the beauty of the tool - You won’t find any sloppy welding work on SET FOR SET steel maces.

The ball of the mace is perfectly round and is where most of the weight is contained, so that our maces can swing impeccably well and you can challenge yourself and your clients with offset movements, therefore challenging your stability and balance like no other tool can.

Our maces are made entirely from steel with a black matte powder coated paint.

steel macebell supplier

What size steel maces should you buy for your clients, gym members, and workshop attendees?


The ideal range of steel maces to have at a workshop would be 7-15LB maces. Most attendees should be instructed to use a 10LB mace.

The 10LB mace is the perfect size to be able to learn all of the movements without an issue, and it is still very challenging. Some of the bigger, more well-conditioned people may want to use the 15LB mace. However, they will likely find that it is too challenging to use for an entire workshop. Conversely, some might be less confident and want a 7LB mace. Therefore, having these 3 sizes will be best. Plus, if someone wants to try a heavier or lighter mace for certain exercises, they will have the ability to swap sizes. Additionally, a couple 20 and 25-pound maces would be cool to have for certain “challenges” that you can run during the workshop. Overall, though, the 10LB macebell will be the best selection.

Gift a Mace

A lot of people we work with want to provide their students with a steel mace after the workshop. They may include it in the pricing. We think this is a great idea and we can make this part of the wholesale package for you. A 10LB mace is the best option for this.

Steel Maces for Your Gym

For gyms who want to run steel mace classes, the above applies. If you are running a 30-60 minute class, a 10LB mace is perfect and will be super challenging. Keeping a 15+ pound mace in your hand for a long period of time is killer, and for most, it'll be too killer. Don’t let people’s egos get in the way.

Having a few lighter and heavier maces at your gym is great, but not entirely necessary unless you have people who train by themselves and they want to work on just a few different exercises when they come to the gym. In this case, some heavier maces would be nice to have in the arsenal.

For example, gym members who come to do a typical workout may want to do a few sets of 360 or 10 to 2s, or whatever other mace exercises, in this case, a heavier mace would be good to use (if they know how to use the mace), as they will only doing a few sets. With that being said, make sure you teach safety at your gym, as the heavier the mace the higher the chance of injury.

Buy a steel mace now...or if you want wholesale pricing, contact us at support@setforset.com

How to start and run a successful steel mace class.

Read below for more info on Steel Mace Workshops...

steel mace workshop wholesaler

Steel Mace Workshops

Why should you run a steel mace workshop?

The steel mace is at forefront of the Western world, quickly becoming one of the most popular functional fitness and unconventional training tools. It challenges core stability, rotational strength and power, anti-rotation and counter rotation, and endurance, all while improving postural integrity.

There are so many benefits to steel mace training that sooner or later every gym will have steel maces (just like kettlebells), and it would be advantageous for you to be one of the first.

wholesale steel mace pricing

Benefits of steel mace training:

  • Shoulders strength - powerful and resilient to injury.
  • Strong stabilizer muscles.
  • Improves grip strength.
  • Works through multi-planar movements.
  • Works the transverse plane like no other - increases core rotational strength.
  • Enhances core stability: powerful core with better balance & coordination.
  • Boosts cardiovascular conditioning through metabolic training.
  • Total body strengthening & muscle endurance.

Steel mace training is truly the definition of functional thanks to the offset, unilateral movements it creates by nature of its design.

steel mace workshop programming

What should a steel mace workshop program include?

The ultimate goal for most steel mace workshops is to teach the people who sign up how to program the mace into their one-on-one training with clients and group classes at their gym.

The setting should promote the overall potential of this tool and how to program and train with the mace in a smart and safe way.

Steel mace workshops should include:

  • The basics (hand placement/grip orientation, hand switches, prerequisites).
  • Traditional swing movements (360s and 10-to-2s).
  • Non-traditional movements (many offset movement - anti-rotational and counter-rotational movements).
  • Coaching progressions.
  • How to create a steel mace flow (or sequence of movements).
  • Programming assessments (for classes and individual clients).
  • Warming up and decompressing techniques. 
Need help putting together a steel mace workshop?
If you need more than just the steel maces and you want a plan, then SET FOR SET has you covered. 

Our extensive steel mace training e-guide contains everything you need to know, so you can put on a thorough workshop that attendees will love and consider highly valuable. 

If you need help creating a thorough workshop that will impress the attendees and teach them in a thorough manner, please contact us.

We also have trainers across the country who may be able to run the workshop for you or with you, depending on the location and date.

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Hi, I am a chiropractor in South Africa, we run a fitness and rehab facility here, is there a local supplier that we can contact?
If not I would like to discuss the opportunity of being the local distributor and to be affiliated to run local workshops. Look forward to hearing from you.
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