Tire slams steel mace vs sledgehammer

Benefits of tire slams and 7 reasons why a Steel Mace is the best tool for the job

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We often get asked, “Can you use a steel mace for tire slams?”. The short answer is yes. The long answer explains why. In this article, we will go over the purpose of tire slams and why the steel mace is the best tool for the job.

If you are looking for the best in functional strength and conditioning, then the tire slam is a good find. This is one of the oldest forms of training around and is now a staple that’s producing fantastic results in athletic training.

Tire slams move you through all 3 planes of motion, targeting your core, shoulders, back, grip, and damn near every muscle in your body. After an intense tire slam workout, you will be sore for days. This is full body conditioning at its finest.

Benefits of tire slams

Tire slam training aims to ready individuals, with a baseline in strength, power, endurance, and mobility. Weighted slams develop muscles while improving conditioning. A great swing incorporates muscles from your legs all the way up to your shoulders.

The shock effect of slamming a training tool into a tire also aids in strengthening of tendons and joints. One of the exceptional benefits of tire slams is the ability to train explosively through multiple planes of motion. Training explosiveness and power in multi-planes will directly correlate to an improved performance in a variety of athletic activities.

Slams target the transverse plane dynamically, which is something most people could use as a lack of rotational and anti-rotational training is common. 


  • Improve strength, endurance, flexibility and explosive power.
  • Develop core strength and stability
  • Increase grip and forearm strength
  • Increase rotational strength
  • Enhance overall conditioning
  • Increase work capacity
  • Strengthens muscles, tendons, and ligaments in the wrist, elbow and shoulder girdle.
  • Hand-Eye coordination
  • Mental toughness

Now, what tools can you use for tire slams?
Your options are as limited as your creativity, but for the sake of this article (and safety), you can choose from a sledgehammer or a Steel Mace.

Steel Mace vs Sledgehammer

We choose the steel mace. Every. Damn. Time.

Why is the steel mace the best for tire slams?

  1. Round head. The spherical head of the mace eliminates the possibility of hitting the tire wrong/wonky. 
  2. Welded handle to head. It’s virtually indestructible.
  3. Knurled grip. Much better for gripping.
  4. Fatter grip handle. Better for increasing grip strength.
  5. Longer Handle. Better functionality for slamming.
  6. Varied weights. Greater variations available. Start with a lighter weight and progress up or vary the weight depending on the scope of the workout.
  7. Safer to use on other surfaces. And, with that…

Can you use the mace on other surfaces?
Yes. Sand, grass, or other soft surfaces; all good. See our Steel Mace Slam video in the Sonoran Desert below.

Steel Maces are much more versatile

Moreover, a steel mace is much more versatile than a sledgehammer, you can do tons of exercises with a steel mace that a sledgehammer wouldn't be as ideal for due to lever length and the head of the sledge.

A steel mace is great for a lot more than just a tire workout.

More Steel Mace resources:

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Tire Slam Workout Methods:

  1. Interval Slams: Perform tire slams at a high intensity for a set time. Rest, and repeat. You can progress by extending the time you are performing slams, shortening the rest periods, increasing the number of rounds, or using a heavier weight. We recommend stating with intervals of 10-15 seconds then progress from there.
  2. SET Slams: Set a number of slams that you must complete as quickly as possible. You can progress by aiming to beat your time, setting yourself a higher number of slams, or using a heavier weight. Make sure you keep good form.

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Slams in the desert.

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