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20+ Steel Mace Flows & Complexes from the Instagram Community

November 04, 2019

A big part of what stops people from doing steel mace flows is that they are way too much in their heads.

“What should I do first? What should I do next?”

“Is this going to look cool? Are steel mace flows beneficial?”

These are all understandable questions...however, when it comes to steel mace flows, you need to set yourself free of concern and simply just do it. The time you waste thinking could be spent practicing…

Over time, your mace movements will smooth out, you will be one step ahead of your next movement, and you will look good while doing so. 

As with everything in life…"baby steps".

And before you know it, steel mace flows will become like walking or running or any other subconscious movement that you do…it’ll come naturally.

Now, to help you streamline the process, we’ve put together over 20 steel mace flow examples and tutorials from the steel mace Instagram community. That way, you can stop thinking about what to do, and instead, start doing.

But before we present you with these time tested flows from steel mace professionals, let’s talk about steel mace flow prerequisites, differences between a flow and a complex, and the benefits of both.

steel mace flow

Steel Mace Flow Prerequisites: What you need to learn before you start flowing

You can’t just pick up a mace and expect to flow in any meaningful, efficacious way without building a solid foundation first.

So, before your start your steel mace flow journey, make sure you understand the steel mace basics first.

steel mace guide

Our extensive steel mace training guide will help you build a solid foundation so that you can advance your steel mace game quickly. Once you learn the basics (grip orientation, hand placement, hand switches, exercises/movements, etc.), you can start piecing together and practicing flows, and trying new, more advanced hand switches and movements, created by you, too! And with copious amounts of practice, you will be on your way to steel mace flow mastery.

Steel Mace Flow vs Complex

Before we start, we want to quickly go over the difference between flows and complexes, just for clarification purposes.

What is a steel mace flow?

If mace training was the rap game, a steel mace flow would be a freestyle.

You are free to move however you want, in whatever sequence you want, with no particular order - Albeit, a flow can have order, similar to yoga, that way you can hit all areas of your body equally. In any case, with a steel mace flow, it’s completely up to you. All you have to do is “go with the flow”. You have complete movement freedom.

Benefits of steel mace flows?

Flows express creativity and personality, they can be calming and meditative. Not to mention, they are great for improving cardiovascular health, burning fat, developing muscular endurance, and building boulder-like shoulders.

What are steel mace complexes?

Now, complexes, on the other hand, have order to them.

There are two common ways to do complexes - series and sequences.

With a mace complex series, you will do one movement for a set number of reps before moving to the next movement. Then once you finish all the intended exercises, you’ve completed one round of a complex. Typically a complex series consists of 4-6 movements for 8-10 reps each, and it lasts from 2-5 minutes…

Then you have a mace complex sequence, where you have a set number of movements that you do for one rep each, continuously, for a set number of rounds. This is similar to a yoga sequence.

Here’s a quick example of a steel mace complex sequence:

360 to Switch Squat to Overhead Press, and continue this sequence for a total of 10 times.

Here are two other ways you can do sequences:

Example 1:

Overhead Press (mace head on left side)
Bent Over Row (mace head left side)
Curl (mace head left side)
Overhead Press (mace head on right side)
Bent Over Row (mace head right side)
Curl (mace head right side)
- Repeat x 10
- Then Rest

Example 2:

Forward Lunge (right side)
Forward Lunge (left side)
Lateral Lunge (right side)
Lateral Lunge (left side)
Bent Over Row (right side)
Bent Over Row (left side)
- Repeat x 10
- Then Rest

As you can see, in example one, you are hitting one side for all the intended exercises, then you hit the other side. That's considered one "rep", and you’ll do this for a total of 10 times before resting.

And with example two, you hit both sides for one rep each before moving to the next exercise in the sequence.

There are other ways you can format a complex, but the point is, you need to target both sides equally and you need to train with high intensity.

Benefits of Steel Mace Complexes?

A steel mace complex can help you build muscle and endurance, shred fat, and improve cardiovascular health. It should be intense enough so that your heart rate skyrockets during the complex. But, remember, you should always maintain good form. That’s how you can benefit the most and get that post workout afterburn, similar to an HIIT workout.

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A Steel Mace Flow/Complex? Best of Both Worlds

All that said, when it comes to steel mace training, you can do a mix of both a flow and a complex. This is even more so like yoga, as yoga does have purposeful movements that target your body equally, yet you are still in the moment, free to do as you wish. 

So essentially, you are moving freely, and there doesn’t need to be a plan…however, there is order to it. This way of training keeps both your mind and your body sharp.

Note: Often times "Steel Mace Flow" is used in place of "Complex". So, let's not get caught up too much on this.

steel mace flow tutorial

Steel Mace Flows From IG Community

Remember, it will take time to get used to this type of training. You will have to be very comfortable with the mace and your movements.

By following the steel mace flows and tutorials below, you can build the skills and understanding needed to eventually fly free, on your own, with flows that you’ve created, whether planned or in the moment.

Are you already experience with flows?

If you are already skilled with steel mace flows, you can still benefit from checking out the steel mace flow examples below. After all, it’s fun trying different flows, and there’s always something you can learn. Moreover, there are different styles of flows/complexes, and it can only be advantageous to see how others do it. Not to mention, if you love steel mace flows, you will find it entertaining.

Leo Savage

Let's start with the steel mace flow master. Leo Savage is seen here doing a simple yet effective complex.   

Colin Daring

Colin Daring with a heavy mace flow/complex. This one looks brutal!

Rich Thurman

Coach Rich hitting a steel mace complex that combines multiple movements in multiple planes of motion.

Esik Melland

An awesome steel mace complex by the mace complex movement master.  

Scott Viala 

Scott Viala with a complex that is surely going to crush the core. 

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Furry Yogii

Here we have a beautiful example of steel mace complex choreography.   

Valhalla Training Academy

Full body conditioning? Yes, please! Here is a steel mace tire slam flow by the boss Valhalla Training Academy in the UK.

Kristin O'Brien 

Kristin demonstrating a difficult flow that involves serious hip mobility.  

Vincent Herzog

Here we have another challenging steel mace flow. Vincent aimed to bring a lot of counter and purposeful rotation while maintaining control and mindful mechanics.  

Anthony Rock

Here is a mace flow tutorial by Rocks Fitness Training. He does a new one every Monday, so follow him for mace flow breakdowns each week.  

Functional Harbeats

Harbert is another flow mastermind. He does Friday flow tutorials every week, so definitely pay attention to him if you want to step your mace flow game up.

Steel Mace Mads 

Steel Mace Mads has mad flow skills. He is smooth as butter. It will take time to learn this one and the other flows he does, but it will be well worth it.  


Georgina has the flow game on lock. Definitely follow her if you want to learn some new mace flows, and simply be inspired.  

Steel Mace Monster

Josh is definitely a steel mace monster. Check this one out as an example. This is pure creativity. Hand in the pocket? One handed steel mace flow? Come on now. This is awesome. 

Franken Legs

Here Zack breaks down a flow very effectively. His cues are on point.  

The MVMT Coach

Our boy Josh with a steel mace upper body flow. Definitely give this one a go. He's got a lot of online mace education, so check him out for more.  

Birch and Brawn 

Birch and Brawn has some sick flows that demonstrate mace artistry. Get in your flow zone with this one. 

Nat Cruz

Hailing from the Philippines, we have Nat Cruz, a triple certified steel mace teacher and an international @steelmaceflow educator. 

Steel Mace Warrior

Victoria Islas (aka Steel Mace Warrior) demonstrating a flow that's going to put your legs to the test. 

Steel Mace Oklahoma

Steel Mace Oklahoma puts out a lot of great flows. Here is a great flow for pretty much any level.  

Kelly Olsen

Kelly Olsen and @tbuk in sync with an awesome flow. This one requires some serious mindful mace skills.  

Steel Mace Gypsy

Steel Mace Gypsy is well known in the mace community. Here she exhibits both a planned and freestyle flow all in one.  

Ian O'Neal

Ian displaying an intentional and purposeful flow with immense creativity and expression. 


Lechita displaying her steel mace flow skills in a powerful manner. This is one of those flows that you can't take your eyes off of.  

Lori Verta

Lori with some heavy steel mace work. She is using a 25LB steel mace. Turn sound on as she explains exactly what to do with this mace complex. Lori is a fantastic fitness educator.  


Here we have Sam Coleman, the owner of SET FOR SET, performing a heavy steel mace complex with a weighted vest. This definitely takes the challenge up a notch. 

What size steel mace should I use for flows?

A 10LB mace is the best size for steel mace flows. This applies to pretty much any athlete of any conditioning...that said, some people can flow with heavier maces and some need a lighter 7LB mace

steel mace

We have the best steel maces on the market, according to many of our customers, and our reviews speak to this. 

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