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Steel Mace

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Steel Mace: Ancient Weapon Turned Powerful Fitness Training Tool

The Steel Mace or “Gada” was originally used as a deadly weapon in warfare by Hindu and Persian warriors in the 13th century. Due to its functionality and ease of use, Pelwhani wrestlers started using the Macebell for physical training. Nowadays, the steel mace is rapidly becoming known as the 'ultimate full body conditioning tool'. The mace holds almost the entirety of its weight in the ball head, which results in uneven weight distribution. Because of this, steel mace exercises engage smaller stabilizing muscles around our joints. This kind of offset training will increase your core & rotational strength and athletic performance tenfold. Thus, Steel Mace workouts are the epitome of functional training. 

UNPARALLELED CRAFTSMANSHIP. Set For Set Steel Maces are forged from steel, sporting an expertly crafted head that is welded onto the knurled steel grip handle; our steel maces are virtually indestructible.

Macebell Specifications:
Hand Sculpted -100% Steel Composition
Knurled Grip Handle
Black Matte Powder Coat
Virtually Indestructible

Head Diameter: 3.4"
Handle Diameter: 32mm
Total Length: 31"
Head Diameter: 3.7"
Handle Diameter: 40mm
Total Length: 40"
Head Diameter: 4.3"
Handle Diameter: 40mm
Total Length: 41"
Head Diameter: 4.9"
Handle Diameter: 40mm
Total Length: 41.5"
Head Diameter: 5.3"
Handle Diameter: 40mm
Total Length: 42"
Head Diameter: 5.7"
Handle Diameter: 40mm
Total Length: 42.5"

All steel mace weight sizes have a 2mm tube thickness


    Steel Mace Benefits

    Steel Maces offers numerous benefits for sports performance and rehabilitation. Steel Mace training will greatly improve your grip strength, balance and coordination, core stability, rotational acceleration and deceleration, shoulder power and strength, shoulder mobility and flexibility, overall muscle strength and endurance, metabolic conditioning, and one of our favorite benefits is that it brings out the inner primal nature in us.


    What Size Steel Mace Is Right For You?

    SET FOR SET Steel Maces are available in five different weight options 7LB, 10LB, 15LB, 20LB and 25LB. 

    We suggest starting with the 10LB or 15LB steel mace until you master movements such as 10 to 2, 360 swing, Gravedigger, and the Barbarian squat. People are often surprised at how heavy a 15LB mace actually feels, and putting it into constant movement will be tough, even for some of the biggest people. The beauty of the steel mace is that you can increase the difficulty by moving your hands closer together towards the end of the handle or make it easier by using a spread-out grip with one hand closer to the head while the other remains towards the bottom. Having a wider range of sizes will allow you to get creative with exercises and workouts. If you have any questions about what size steel mace is right for you please don't hesitate to contact us. 

    steel mace exercise equipment

    Steel Mace Training

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 305 reviews
    Bill Morrison

    I love working out with the steel mace. get a full body work out every time. Set for Set maces are great quality, this is my second one I have purchased, quick shipping, I will eventually get the full set.

    Roy Villamil
    Thumbs up.

    Will eventually buy a full set. They’re great. Got 7 & 15.

    Cavan S
    Fantastic item! Absolutely love these!

    I ordered a couple of these as a supplement to a regular bodybuilding routine and I am sold! I really like that you can use them for functional workouts to strengthen muscle groups that you might not hit in a regular gym routine. I'm excited to learn to use mine more comprehensively! Would definitely recommend these to anyone who enjoys working out!

    Luz Mama Wolf
    Almost as tall as me!

    I have been viewing the set for set mace workouts on YouTube & needed a heavier mace for some of Couch Paulina's workouts. I ordered the 15lb mace at a reasonable price and it arrived rather quickly. I am just under 5ft tall and the mace hits me mid chest when stands on the floor. I can work with it for some exercises, but not pendulums (yet). As a trainer it's nice to let someone else lead instead of having to come up with my own home workouts. I am enjoying my new mace and the Set for Set workouts. I'll be sharing my mace with my hubby. He's intrigued.

    Good Quality

    Still a newbie, but I love it so far!

    Sturdiest packaging I have seen on a package in a whille.