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5 Steel Mace Workouts Methods For Full Body Conditioning

by Sam Coleman March 15, 2017

If you haven’t read much into the steel mace, it may come off like the latest and greatest workout toy. And it is. Yet, it has been around for centuries. Just like the kettlebell and Indian club, the macebell is simply making a welcomed comeback.

Thanks to the current incline in professional acknowledgment of functional fitness, unconventional training equipment that had been lost to history (and the battlefield) has found its way into modern gyms.

I say thanks because this type of equipment is fun and effective.

Macebells, sandbags, stones, kettlebells and sledgehammers are each taking their turn on the stage.

We have been training with each of these to great success…

But today, let’s focus on The Steel Mace.

SET FOR SET steel maces

We love this ancient Persian war tool. The movements really have a profound effect on the mind and body. It genuinely feels good to use the steel mace. It makes you feel mobile, powerful, and coordinated.

Consistent training with a steel mace will lead to incredible physique results, but more importantly it will help maintain your body and joints like a well-oiled machine.

This article will go over 5 important steel mace workout methods you should use to achieve maximum results, and 5 exercise movements to start with when doing one of the five methods.

The exercise movements are meant as an introduction to the mace, as stated “to start with”, you can get far more exotic and complicated with the movements as you master the mace…and your coordination.

But First…Why The Steel Mace?

Functional training purposely demands balance and body awareness during training through the use of unilateral exercises.

Functional training should require controlled amounts of instability so that the athlete must react in order to regain their own stability.

By design, functional training makes use of single leg and arm movements that demand balance to properly develop muscles. 

It’s the same concept and effect when training with the steel mace.

Most of the weight is in the ball of the mace, which is on one side, so it requires you to focus on stabilizer muscles, utilizing joints in their full range of motion, and making your core work overtime.

If you have done any type of single-leg weighted exercises, you know it takes a lot of stability to move well when performing these one-legged movements. You’ll also have noticed your abs being worked significantly. That is a good thing.

The steel mace stimulates the core incredibly, and it can help fix any imbalances you might have.

Training with a unilateral weight like the mace will keep your dominant side from assisting your weaker side.

Essentially, the mace will allow you to hit every muscle evenly due to its uneven weight distribution.

It will help you improve coordination, balance, strength, and endurance, which in turn will boost your overall performance in future sport and daily life.

If you haven’t trained with a steel mace before, please make sure you are paying strict attention to your form. Try to always keep your torso upright, your abs tight, and your glutes engaged.

Start slowly, mastering individual movements first, and then putting them in sequence.

Once you are comfortable with the individual movements, you can combine them to make some incredibly tough workout schemes like the 5 listed below.

Remember though, first focus on individual movements. Master the form of those movements, because if you don’t it can do more harm than good in the long term.
SET FOR SET steel mace 360 swing
5 Steel-Mace Exercises Examples (there are over 100 different steel mace exercises...feel free to get creative with your exercises).

  1. 360
  2. Thrusters
  3. 10 to 2's
  4. Ballistic Curl With Squat
  5. Grave Diggers

Utilize these methods and movements to improve your mace-skills foundation before accelerating to more advanced exercises and routines.

Implement these workouts and movements into your regular training split for a fun and tough challenge once or twice per week.

Once you master 3-5 movements, you can put them into sequence for one of the following methods:

SET FOR SET steel mace reverse lunge

5 Steel Mace Workouts Methods

As you get more comfortable with the workout methods, and whichever movements you choose for that workout, you can add reps, do the reps more quickly, and take less rest.

We recommend performing 5 movements for each method, so we will explain each in terms of 5 movements.

Workout Methods 1: Traditional

This method is excellent for increasing strength and muscle mass.

Carry out your first movement for 4 sets of 8 reps on each side.

Rest for one minute between each set, and each movement.

Repeat 4 sets of 8 reps each side until you complete all 5 movements.

Workout Method 2: The Circuit

This method is great for increasing muscle mass and muscular endurance.

Do each of the 5 exercises one after the other, 8 repetitions per side - limit rest.

Complete 4 rounds. Rest 2 minutes between rounds.

Workout Scheme 3: The Ladder Circuit

This method is best for increasing muscle mass.

Perform each of the 5 movements for 10 repetitions each side in a circuit.

Recover for as long as needed, and then carry out each exercise for 9 repetitions on each side.

Continue to reduce repetitions by 1 rep each round until finishing with a round of 1 rep.

Try to rest just long enough so that you keep proper form. You'll be seriously challenged here!

Workout Method 4: Escalating Density

This method is best for muscular endurance and fat loss.

Carry out all 5 movements for 5 repetitions on each side, circuit style. Consider that one round. Do as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes.

Rest for 4 minutes, and repeat.

Try to do more rounds in the next cycle.

Recommended: 2-3 10-minute cycles.

Workout Scheme 5: Every Minute On The Minute

This method is best for muscle-building and fat loss.

Start a timer; immediately carry out 5 reps of mace-switch squats on each side. Rest until the clock hits one minute. Continue doing one set per side, per minute for four total rounds.

At minute 4, change movement to mace reverse lunges. Continue doing 1 set of 5 reps on each side every minute on the minute for 4-minutes, only resting between completing the set and the next minute mark.

Repeat until all 5 movements are completed. If you do five movements total, this workout should take you 20 minutes.

Be sure to follow us for more advanced moves and specific routines as we release them.

And please share with us videos of yourself performing these exercises with the mace; we would like to see them. We can also answer any questions you may have about your form or technique. We also would simply love to see what you’ve accomplished.

Get Your Steel Mace Now.

#WarReady #AlwaysReady



Sam Coleman
Sam Coleman


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