advanced steel mace workout routine

Advanced Steel Mace Workout - 3 Routines: HIIT, Circuit, and Strength

November 14, 2018

If you are looking for an advanced steel mace workout, look no further. In this article, we will provide you with 10 different advanced macebell exercises and 3 methods that you can use to combine them to make an advanced steel mace workout routine.

Bonus: 3-movement steel mace flow to master at the end.

How to know if you are ready for an advanced steel mace workout?
1. You know the basics:
    • Starting positions
    • Hand placements
    • Hand Switches

    2. You know how to perform a mace 360 and 10-to-2 perfectly.

    3. You are adept at combining 3 different mace movements into one long sequence.

    4. You are well-conditioned and have experience with HIIT training.

    • You have good muscle endurance and cardiovascular stamina.

    5. You’ve completed our Beginner and Intermediate Steel Mace Workout and you are looking for something even more challenging now.

    If you have any doubts about if you are ready, and you are looking for a complete book or guide to mace training that will take you from the basics to beginner to intermediate and to advanced, our Steel Mace Training e-Guide will be perfect for you. We have over 77 pages of solid information and exercises that meet the needs of all levels (and remember, even beginner exercises are good for the elite mace swingers as the basics always have a place in a workout routine - it’s like saying you are too advanced to do some push-ups). In our steel mace e-guide we have some seriously advanced exercises and flows that we will not cover in this post.

    So, are you ready? Here is your ultimate…


    Here are the 3 ways you can combine the exercises below to make a macebell workout routine.


    Do each exercise, one after the other, for 45 seconds each. Do not rest in-between exercises. Take a one minute break after all the exercises are completed and then repeat for a total of 3 rounds.

    • It is recommended that you do the exercises in a sequence a such - upper body-focused exercise, lower-focused body, then upper, lower. This will help you make it through each round at full force, as you won’t be taxing your upper and lower all at once. Spacing it this way will allow you to be your strongest throughout the entire round.

    Do each exercise for 1 minute, then rest for 30 seconds in-between each exercise. Repeat this for a total of 3-5 circuits.

    • Again, it’s recommended to space it out as mentioned above in the HIIT routine.

    Complete each exercise individually in a traditional style manner. This means you will do your first exercise for 4 sets x 15 reps. For this type of exercise, we encourage you to move very slowly through each rep and really keep tight and your muscles engaged at all times thoroughly. When you complete 4 sets of 1 exercise, you move to the next. Once all the exercises are completed, you are donezo.

    Here are the 10 Advanced Macebell Exercises for you to work with.

    Rotated Overhead Press With Lunge

    How to:
    Feet hip width apart. Step forward with the foot that’s on the loaded side into a lunge, then walk forward into a lunge on your opposite side. As you step forward to the opposite side, rotate the mace to a top position (as pictured to the left). From there, step forward again on the other side into a lunge while rotating the mace back down into a Side Load position; continue with this pattern as you walk forward.

    If you don’t have room to walk forward, you can simply use a reverse lunge to forward lunge motion OR using a jumping motion, jump from lunge positions right to left.

    Advanced Mace Pushup

    One hand on the mace head, one hand on the mace handle towards the end. Mace handle off the ground; push up ready position.

    How to:
    Perform a push up while keeping the mace handle steady and off the ground. Once you finish your repetitions repeat on the opposite side.

    Keep your hips squared to the ground at all times. 

    Alternating Bayonet Strike Squat/Lunge

    How to:
    Squat formation. As you squat down to parallel, move the mace head so that it is facing forward (into a bayonet position). Step the leg that is on the same side as the mace back into a low lunge position. Strike the mace forward in a controlled manner. Return in reverse, but as you reach the starting position perform a bayonet switch and then repeat on the alternating side.

    To make the strike more difficult, slide your top hand down the handle and hold the mace at the end of the strike.

    Reverse Single Arm 10-to-2

    How to:
    Start by removing your top hand from the mace handle. So, if you are holding the mace with your right hand, you will swing the mace to your left side at your 10 o’clock. Use the momentum of the mace when it swings behind your back (get your hand low towards your back for more stretch/mobility) to pull the mace over at your 2 o'clock. When the mace reaches the other side at your front, hold it at that angle and position (your right hand should be close to your navel and the mace leaning towards your 2 o’clock) then grab the mace with your left hand and repeat the opposite way.

    Staggered Stance Squat with Uppercut Press 

    How to: 
    Start in a staggered stance. Your front knees should be close to parallel with the other, and your feet hip-width apart. Come down in your staggered stance, then as you press up with your body, uppercut the mace. In that same path of motion return back to the starting position and repeat.

    Glute Bridge With Chest Press 

    How to: 
    Lie on the floor with your knees bent and feet flat floor. Hold the mace offset and horizontally at your sternum. Push your hips into the air using your glute muscles and keep your back straight and in alignment with your hips. Avoid arching your back. Squeeze glutes and lift hips towards the ceiling. Hold this position. As you hold this position, press the mace up as you would a decline chest press then back down. Keep the movement slow and controlled throughout its entirety.

    Squat with Overhead Press 

    How to: 

    Hold the mace offset with your palms towards the front while keeping the mace horizontal at chest level. Feet should be hip-to-shoulder width apart; with a neutral spine. Squat down while keeping the mace at your chest. As you press up from the squat, press the mace to the sky. When you reach the top of your squat your hands and mace should be extended above your head. Pause. Return the mace to the starting position and as your reach sternum level, repeat the movement. Keep the movement slow and controlled at all times.

    Alternating Lateral Lunge with Press down/Curl 

    How To:
    Stand with feet around 1 foot wider on both sides than shoulder width. Lateral lunge to the opposite side of the mace head. As you perform the lateral lunge, extend your arm straight towards the ground. As you return to the starting position, curl the mace in a straight motion back to Horizontal Bottom then perform a front switch and repeat the movement on the alternating side.

    Slow and controlled is best for this movement. Keep tension throughout by trying to pull the mace head off.

    Overhead obliques

    How to:
    Feet hip-to-shoulder width apart; neutral spine, core tight. Lean laterally towards the mace head. Do not extend past what is comfortable. Keep your core tight and your arms extended. Return back to Horizontal Overhead.

    To make it easier, lean towards the opposite side of the mace head.

    Alternating One Handed Thruster

    How to:
    Hands gripping mace at the navel. Neutral spine; feet hip-to-shoulder width apart - squat ready. Squat, then press yourself up while simultaneously raising the mace vertically above your head.

    You can use one hand on this exercise if you are able. The mace should be in control at all times. Balance is key.

    BONUS: 3 move flow

    1. 360 (hands stacked - left/right & right/ left)
    2. Switch Squat
    3. Lateral Lunge

    Make sure you switch how your hands are stacked and swing the mace to the opposite side each time you return to the 360. That way you are targetting your muscles equally - This means you should perform the sequence an equal number of times.

    If you have any questions about this advanced steel mace workout routine, please don't hesitate to contact us by email. 

    Get the complete 84-page steel mace training e-guide. This guide will teach you everything you need to know about the mace, including hand placements, starting positions, grip orientation, and tons of video exercises so that you can become a pro mace user/trainer. 

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