follow along mace workout for beginners

30-Minute Steel Mace Beginner Workout | Full Length Video

June 01, 2020 2 Comments

This is the first full length, follow along, steel mace workout that we’ve put online and we are absolutely thrilled to share it with you all. It is a 30 minute beginner full body steel mace workout and it starts with a dynamic bodyweight warm up. This is the kind of workout that will bring the warrior spirit out of you, and we have Paulina Kairys to thank for it.

The workout starts with a 5 minute dynamic, bodyweight warm up. Then Paulina goes through some steel mace technique builders that specifically relate to the workout to come. She demonstrates how to do specific hand switches for the exercises in the workout, how the mace should be gripped, and other important mace movements to prime you for the workout. After that, Paulina demonstrates the 4 exercises that will make up this full body steel mace workout. Each exercise is explained and demonstrated so you can follow along and you know exactly how to perform it with the correct form.

Finally, the real workout begins. The steel mace workout consists of 4 exercises, done for 3 rounds, with minimal rest. It’s about 17 minutes in total and because Paulina Kairys is such a great coach, it is super easy to follow along with. All the exercises are clearly explained before and during, with necessary cues throughout to make sure you maintain good form. This is a total body steel mace workout that’s going to kick your butt! All you need is a steel mace.

30 minute beginner steel mace workout


  • Burning fat
  • Full Body Pump
  • Balance and Coordination
  • Strengthening Core, Shoulders, Legs
  • Healthy Heart
  • Improving range of motion
  • Overall athleticism

Steel Mace Technique Builders For This Workout

steel mace beginner workout

Hand Switches:

  • Front (Prayer) Switch
  • Joust Switch

Important Movement:

  • The Steel Mace Uppercut

Steel Mace Exercises For This Workout

Follow along steel mace workout for beginners


Paulina Kairys gives a great tutorial for each of these steel mace exercises so you will know how to do them with correct form and in the most effective manner (i.e. how to create more tension, where the mace should be, how it should be gripped, etc.).

Get our steel mace training e-guide if you want to learn tons of mace exercises and all the technique builders you'll need to become a highly skilled mace trainee.

Beginner Steel Mace Workout Format

full length steel mace workout

4 Exercises x 3 Rounds

Exercise 1: SWITCH SQUATS (40 seconds work)
Exercise 2: BATTLE LUNGE (30 seconds work each side)
Exercise 3: STIFF LEGGED DEADLIFT | ROW (30 seconds work each side)
Exercise 4: PLANK CROSSOVER (40 seconds work)
- 10-15 seconds rest between exercises
- 30 seconds rest between rounds

30 Minute Follow Along Steel Mace Beginner Workout



1. T-stance Internal and external shoulder rotations with a side bend.
- 25 seconds alternating sides

warm up for steel mace workout

2. Later with Reach
- 25 seconds alternating sides

How to warm up before a steel mace workout

3. Thoracic Rotations with Reach
- 25 seconds alternating sides

follow along steel mace workout

4. Overhead Squat | Shin Grab Leg Extension | Rolling Stand
- 5 reps

steel mace beginner training video

5. Hip Opener in Deep Squat Position
- 20 seconds alternating sides

beginner steel mace training video

6. Plank | World’s Greatest Stretch | Downward Dog | Feet Marches
- Two times each side

best warm up for steel mace training

7. 90/90 Stretch
- 30 seconds alternating sides

steel mace training on demand

Paulina Kairys explains how to do each of these dynamic stretches and how you should be breathing throughout. So all you have to do is listen, watch and follow along.



Technique Builder #1: Basic Hand Switch (5:05)

steel mace tutorial and workout

Under/Over Grip


  1. Crossbody Bottom (left)
  2. Horizontal Middle (left)
  3. Crossbody Top (left)
  4. Prayer (center, mace held vertical)
  5. Crossbody Top (right)
  6. Horizontal Middle (right)
  7. Crossbody Bottom (right)

The Basic Hand Switch is first demonstrated statically (piece by piece), then dynamically (one fluid motion).

Technique Builder #2: Steel Mace Uppercut (7:30)

steel mace technique builder

Over/Over Grip


  1. Side Load (bell facing the backside of your body)
  2. Crossbody Bottom
  3. W Position (uppercut to contralateral side)

Technique Builder #3: Joust Switch (8:40)

steel mace hand switch tutorial

Extend arm forward, removing your top hand from the mace handle. Grab it with your free hand as it reaches your center line and then free your bottom hand. Then pull it to the other side as you simultaneously use your free hand to grab the top side of the handle, hands at over/over.

This joust switch is done to change sides for the Battle Lunge exercise.

If all this seems confusing, just watch the video or click the designated time stamp above.


1. Switch Squats (9:39)

full body steel mace workout video

2. Battle Lunge (10:05)

steel mace entire workout

3. Stiff Legged Deadlift to Row (10:58)

steel mace workouts on demand

4. Plank Crossover (11:45)

30 min steel mace full body workout

    30 seconds water break, then...***THE WORKOUT STARTS***



    4 Exercises x 3 Rounds

    ROUND 1:

    Exercise 1: Switch Squats x 40 seconds
    15 seconds rest

    Exercise 2: Battle Lunge x 30 seconds each side
    15 seconds rest

    Exercise 3: Stiff Legged Deadlift to Row x 30 seconds each side
    15 seconds rest

    Exercise 4: Plank Crossover x 40 seconds

    Water Break: 30 Seconds

    ROUND 2:

    Exercise 1: Switch Squats x 40 seconds
    15 seconds rest

    Exercise 2: Battle Lunge x 30 seconds each side
    15 seconds rest

    Exercise 3: Stiff Legged Deadlift to Row x 30 seconds each side
    15 seconds rest

    Exercise 4: Plank Crossover x 40 seconds

    Water Break: 30 Seconds

    ROUND 3:

    Exercise 1: Switch Squats x 40 seconds
    15 seconds rest

    Exercise 2: Battle Lunge x 30 seconds each side
    15 seconds rest

    Exercise 3: Stiff Legged Deadlift to Row x 30 seconds each side
    15 seconds rest

    Exercise 4: Plank Crossover x 40 seconds


    If you are worried that you can’t do these steel mace exercises because you don’t know how, don’t be, because Paulina gives you all the instructions needed to do the exercises effectively with correct form.

    steel mace workout that you can follow along with


      This is a great workout to add to your weekly routine. Throw this steel mace workout on your TV or set your phone down in your workout space and follow along anytime you have a spare 30 minutes. It's at your command, on demand!

      You can do this workout anytime you want to get a non-running "cardio workout” in or you want to do a workout that is going to get your heart racing so you can burn some calories.

      Note: We still recommend running, standard cardio, but if you are short on time and you want to burn some calories, throw this on your phone or tv and crush the workout.

      But that's not all this workout is good for...

      Feeling stiff? Do this workout.

      Want to do a full body resistance workout? Do this workout.

      All in all, there is no wrong time to do this workout.

      Do we recommend doing it every day? NO, as you should have variety in your workout routine. But once or twice a week, this workout is perfect…even for a two day workout, on top of your current training plan.

      What’s more, this workout will hold up with time. It will be a great workout to do once a week for a month, two months, or more. It’s there anytime you want to get your blood and muscles pumping and burn some calories.

      steel mace workout at home on tv


      Is this steel mace workout just for beginners? Absolutely not. We labeled it as such due to the ease of learning the movements in this specific workout. But it works for all fitness levels as you can control the difficulty. So no matter what your fitness level is, this will be an effective mace workout.

      How to make this steel mace workout harder?
      1. Increase tension by constantly pull the mace apart and contracting your muscles. You can increase intensity by changing the way you move. Squeeze, slow down the tempo (or speed it up for explosiveness).
      2. Use a heavier mace.
      3. Go for 4 rounds, or 5 rounds, or even 6.

      full steel mace total body workout for burning fat


      Steel mace training isn’t your traditional style training, with static movements through single planes of motion, targeting one muscle group. Steel mace training involves exercises that move you through multiple planes of motion, utilizing larger chains of muscles with dynamic, complex movements. Exercises with a steel mace emphasize focus, rotation, stability, and natural ranges of motion. It trains you to move like human, rather than a robot. The steel mace will prepare you to move with force, intention and resilience.

      What’s more, steel mace workouts are fun, albeit challenging. Every movement is a test of your athleticism, coordination, and balance, thanks to the offset load of the mace. You can’t just “go through the motions” with a steel mace. It works your mind and your body.

      The steel mace is an age old tool. In fact, it’s probably the oldest style of weapon. It brings out the warrior in all of us. It’s evolution circling back on us. People use to train with awkward objects before all the perfectly balanced “conventional” equipment came into existence. We've now rediscovered the odd training tools.

      The steel mace is more than just lifting to get big muscles, it’s about moving better and becoming hard to kill.

      Now, this may all sound silly, but pick up the mace, do this workout with Paulina, and tell us we are wrong. And this is just a beginner workout. This beginner workout has movements that anyone can learn on the fly, unlike a lot of other mace exercises that require more time and effort to learn. Nevertheless, that doesn’t make this full body mace workout easy. The rest time is low, the working time is long (relative to the total time of the workout), which means your heart will be pumping, burning tons of calories and fat in a short time. On top of that, this workout will put resistance on your core, shoulders, and stabilizer muscles, as do most mace exercises thanks to the offset nature of the tool.

      All in all, if you want a fun and challenging mace workout that you can follow along with once or twice a week, let this be the one to start with. We have more coming.

      Want to learn about the other benefits of mace training and how you can use steel mace?

      Related: Top 9 Steel Mace Training Benefits

      20 minute steel mace workout

      How do I implement the steel mace into my training?

      The steel mace is the perfect tool for everyone. Bodyweight/Calisthenics, Powerlifters, Bodybuilders, Home/Garage Gym Workout Enthusiasts, Athletes, and the list goes on. It has its place in all realms of fitness. Why? Because the mace is unlike any other piece of equipment and it offers benefits that everyone needs.

      With a steel mace, you can improve muscle imbalances, coordination, core stability, grip strength, and shoulder mobility, all while improving muscle endurance and overall conditioning.

      It's a great dynamic warm up and recovery implement for a powerlifter, the tool every stiff bodybuilder needs, and the perfect complement to boost bodyweight and calisthenic workouts. 

      The steel mace isn’t the piece of equipment to get huge muscles with, instead it’s there to help you move better and be more fluid. It’s there to help you get lean, full of stamina, and resilient to injury.

      Can it be used every day? Absolutely. From warming up with 360 and 10 to 2 swings to supersetting with a kettlebell or barbell exercise, to doing a killer mace-only HIIT workout, the steel mace can be thrown in to your workout every day and in every way.

      Want another full length mace workout? Try this 12 minute steel mace AMRAP workout by Paulina Kairys!

      steel mace workout with warm up


      If you want to buy a steel mace, SET FOR SET is your go-to mace supplier. We aim to produce the best steel mace bells on the market and we are always pumping out content for you to follow. The steel mace is our bread and butter, it’s what we focus on completely, so you can trust we do it right.

      where can i get a steel mace

      steel mace guide

      More steel mace resources:

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      Anthony King
      Anthony King

      June 12, 2020

      I just completed this workout with your 15lb steel mace. Great job and easy to follow and understand. You taught me a lot about posture and grip and was way better than the Onnit 6 steel mace program workouts. Looking forward to more of these!


      June 08, 2020

      Superb job with the format of this post; you included the minute marks for the various components of the workouts (e.g. warm-up, technique and workout) and did a nice job using pictures to show the moves. The video was well done too! Thanks for making it easy to follow.

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