June 20, 2020

This is SET FOR SET's Intermediate Steel Mace Workout, Volume 1. It is a steel mace workout consisting of 5 steel mace exercises done for AMRAP (As Many ROUNDS As Possible). If you are looking for a badass full body workout, this is it. This intermediate mace workout will help you build on your mace movement foundation, improve mobility, coordination and muscle endurance, and burn off pesky fat.

Workout instructions:
Perform each exercise for 20 reps. Once you have completed all 5 exercises for 20 reps, rest and repeat for as many rounds as you can. Recommended rest time between rounds is 1-2 minutes. Only rest during rounds if you are compromising form. PUSH HARD!

Equipment: One+ Steel Mace

Exercise 1: 360 (20 reps - switch the top hand stacked every 10 reps or round)

Grip the steel mace with both hands stacked and facing in. Hold it as close to the bottom of the handle as you are comfortable with, if it's too heavy for you, you can choke up on the mace to make it easier. Optimal swing is when your hands are at the bottom. Starting position: Hands holding the mace at the navel. Neutral spine, feet hip-to-shoulder width apart. Tuck your ribs when you swing. Note: It's ok to rock your hips in sync with the swing for heavier steel maces. We recommend not jumping up in weight drastically, work your way up so you don't risk injuring your lumbar, t-spine, shoulders, elbows, wrists or your buddy to your side. Your hands should be as low as possible behind your head and your elbows tucked during the back part of the swing. When the mace head reaches the other side of the swing, using the momentum, pull the mace over your shoulder back to the starting position. 1-second pause, and repeat.

Exercise 2: Ballistic Curl (20 reps)
Grip the steel mace with the hand near the head facing up and the opposite hand facing down. Neutral spine, feet shoulder-width apart. Core tight. Pretend you are trying to rip the mace head off the handle. Keep that type of constant tension when the mace is horizontal. Make a mace hand switch by using your biceps and arms to toss the mace head to the other side. When you make the switch, keep it controlled and smooth. Once you are horizontal on the other side, remember to "rip that mace head off the handle". You can go past horizontal when the steel mace is on the way down during the switch to stretch out your biceps. Repeat. 1 rep = mace head switches from one hand to the other and then back.

Exercise 3: Joust Strike Squat (10 reps each side)
Hold the mace cross-body with the head up, hands facing in. Prepare your stance and body in squat form. Squat down to parallel, the mace head should be facing forward and should also be parallel. Step your leg that's on the same side as the mace back into a low lunge position. Joust the mace forward, aim where you please but keep control. Return back to the starting position by going back into the low lunge, then squat, starting position. Repeat.

Exercise 4: Uppercut Press (10 reps each side)

Stand with feet hip-to-shoulder width apart (You can also do this in a split stance.). Hold the steel mace in a side load position (mace head towards the back) with both hands facing in. Keeping your hips squared, rotate the mace up towards the sky in an uppercut motion. Your working side's bicep should be just near your ear and your stabilizing side (hand at the end of the handle) should be on the opposite side of your head at ear level. Keep this slow and controlled, with constant tension. 

Exercise 5: Offset Overhead Press With Squat

Hold the steel mace horizontally at sternum level with an offset grip and both hand facing out. Squat ready stance. Squat down, parallel or ass to grass, up to you, and when returning to the top of your squat, press the mace up towards the sky. Slow and controlled is best. You'll feel your whole body working on this one. It's also great for mobility. 

Try this AMRAP steel mace workout again in a couple of days (or a week) and see if you can beat the number of rounds you did on your first try.

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Learn More:

Get our 84-page Steel Mace Training Guide (digital download)Our training guide will teach you everything you need to know about the mace, including hand placements, starting positions, grip orientation, and tons of video exercises so that you can become a pro mace athlete/trainer. 

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