steel mace upper body workout

Steel Mace Upper Body Workout for Building Lean Muscle Mass

April 27, 2020 1 Comment

Here is a steel mace upper body workout by Scott Viala. This upper body workout will target your chest, back, shoulders, biceps, triceps, and, naturally, your core (as it is an offset training tool). What's more, because the only equipment needed is a steel mace, you can do this muscle-building, fat-shredding mace workout anywhere!

Steel Mace Upper Body Workout

1) Steel Mace 360
steel mace upper body exercises
Sets: 4 x reps – 20,30,40,50 (over each shoulder)
Rest: 60-90 seconds

2A) Steel Mace Push up
steel mace chest exercise
2B) Steel Mace Back Row & Twist
steel mace back exercise
Supersets: 4 x reps – 2A) 10 each Side 2B) 10 each Side
Rest: 60-90 seconds

3) Steel Mace Row/Clean/Press
steel mace shoulder exercise
Sets: 3 x reps – 10 each side
Rest: 60-90 seconds

4) Steel Mace Punch/Swing/Curl
steel mace bicep exercise
Sets: 3 x reps – 10 each side
Rest: 60-90 seconds

5) Ballistic Curl 360

Sets: 4 x reps – 20,30,40
Rest: 60-90 seconds

steel mace upper body training

"The Unconventional Training Principles we follow are built to last in any situation and any surroundings." - Scott Viala

We are over a month into lockdown and closure of gyms across the world. For many, this has been such a wake-up call & realization that people rely too heavily on massive gyms, racks of dumbbells, hammer strength & cable machines! All gone in an instance leaving the vast majority of the public lost and scrambling to find an at-home substitute to hit chest 10 different ways on 10 different machines. As for me and my clients its business as usual! Yes, we no longer use The Steel Mace and Kettlebells inside of the gym I used to contract out of. We have had to adapt and train in our new surroundings, but we are able to hit 95% of the same training program because of the tools we use to build our bodies. So essentially our Unconventional Training principles we follow are built to last in any situation and any surroundings.

There is a reason the steel mace has been around for over 2000 years and still relevant today. We do not need a gym with fancy cardio equipment with built in TVs, and other pieces of nonessential equipment lined up as far as the eye can see. We have a long piece of steel with a heavy ball at the end of it. With that ancient tool, we are able to continue our training, build muscle and increase performance.

upper body steel mace workout

Can you build your upper body muscles with a Steel Mace?

Then from this, I hear “ You can not build muscle or strength with just a steel mace” and I totally understand that viewpoint coming from someone who has never trained with a steel mace effectively. Let's be honest, no you are not going to break the world deadlift record using only the steel mace and kettlebells… but guess what, neither are 99.9999% of lifters following a basic 5x5 protocol. But if you train with a steel mace I’m guessing that’s not your goal either but I can tell you first hand from many years of training clients and myself with the steel mace you can build your biceps, chest, and lats using proper training methods from a seasoned trainer who knows how to utilize the steel mace. In the video provided above, this is an excellent example of an upper body workout that will help you build the upper body you want using only one Steel Mace (I used only a 25lb SET FOR SET steel mace) and the beauty of this workout is that you can do it absolutely anywhere you like with no gym membership needed!!

That being said I do hope that all your favorite gyms get through these hard times and open back up to the public. But chances are we are going to be in this way of life for at least another month at the very least, but in reality, it will probably be a lot longer until larger gyms open back up.

macebell workouts

Contact Scott Viala For Help with Online Fitness Training

Also, I would like to extend a helping hand to any personal trainers out there who depended on in-person training for your income and are struggling to get by. Please send me a message and let me help in any way I can with business ideas or ways to get started with online training/marketing. Let me help you with my experience of 13 plus years as a personal trainer.

Over the years I have done it all from getting started in the industry and building from nothing in a recession, to having a garage gym, a franchise, selling everything and moving across county to start over. I would love to help any trainer out there who is just starting out and has no idea where to start or even a seasoned trainer who needs some fresh ideas to stay relevant in today's ever-changing industry. No matter your training method or training style we need to all come together as a community of passionate trainers.

Check our egos at the door and help one another get through these challenging times so we can grow this community into something special and we can all become happy and successful in our careers however that may look like for you. So again please reach out if you need on Instagram @viala_training or email and we can build something special.

steel mace workout for chest back and arms

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April 29, 2020

I’m new to mace work, this is one of the best workouts I’ve found THANK YOU!

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