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This 12-week program focuses on essential lifts and proven progressive overload tactics, with progression tracking made easy. If you want a straightforward program that offers the biggest bang for your time, this is it.

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Your Trainer

This program was developed by SFS Head Coach Garett Reid. You're in good hands thanks to his many credentials:

  • Master's degree in Exercise Science.
  • NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS).
  • Certified Sports Nutritionist from the International Society of Sports Nutrition (CISSN).
  • Executive Council Member of the NSCA's Strongman Special Interest Group and published author in NSCA's Coach Journal.

What's included

What's Needed

This program was created around the fundamental exercises so it can be run with limited equipment. You'll need access to the basics such as barbell with weights, dumbbells and bars for dips and chin ups.


Who should buy this program?
The SFS Foundations Program was designed for both untrained and moderately trained individuals who would do best to focus on the essentials. It’s also the ideal program for those who want to maximize results with minimal time in the gym. This program is great because it emphasizes fundamental exercises and proven, trackable progressive overload strategies, which are both straightforward, time-efficient, and easily manageable.
What is the money back guarantee?
We're confident you'll see great results if you run SFS Fat Loss Program as prescribed. If you don't see good results after completing this program, we promise to refund you.
I can't do "X" exercise, can I still run this program?
Yes, absolutely, we added at least 2 substitutions for each exercise in the program. If you can't complete the recommended exercise on any given day, or you simple want to swap something, then you'll be able to choose the next best option in the dropdown located in your spreadsheet.
How long will the workouts take?
The 3-day plan has workouts that take around 55 minutes, and the 4-day’s workouts are around 45-55 minutes. Not including warm up or cool down. The 3-day plan’s workouts are slightly longer as it has similar total weekly volume as the 4-day plan. So if you prefer less training days, go for the 3-day, but if you prefer somewhat shorter workouts and training more frequently, go with the 4-day schedule.
What's the difference between the 3 and 4 day option?
The 3-day schedule involves full body workouts and the 4-day follows an upper lower split. The workouts are slightly longer with the 3-day program and the 4-day offers slightly more variety. Both have similar total volume per muscle group so the results should be similar, just the split and schedule differ. Also, both programs involve the same main lifts/exercises.