Power Bands

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39 reviews

Power Resistance Bands for Strength, Mobility and Flexibility

Set For Set's Power Bands provide an effective and efficient way to improve your overall physical performance. Our heavy duty resistance bands can be a great supplement to your normal training program. Your high quality power bands can easily transport to the nearest gym to resist and assist you with an intense workout and recovery. You can place them perfectly in your very own garage gym to increase the intensity of your home workout. You can take them for an outdoor workout in the sun. These power bands are safer and inflict less impact on your joints than traditional weights. Power bands can also be paired with traditional weights to keep resistance high but with less weight which can help maintain a healthy joint complex. Power bands are also great for mobility, improving your natural body movements because the band’s elasticity mimics the way our muscles work.

Size and best use for each power band:

#1 Yellow - 10 to 35 Pounds 1/2" (Lowest resistance)
Stretching, mobility and jumping exercises - Small muscle group strength training
(i.e. lateral raises) - Extremely light assistance for pull-ups – Also good for adding
resistance to traditional gym equipment like a bench press.

#2 Black - 30 to 60 Pounds 3/4"
Stretching, mobility and jumping exercises - Small/medium muscle group strength
training (i.e. bicep exercises) - light assistance for pull-ups. Also good for adding resistance to traditional gym equipment like bench press.

#3 Blue - 40 to 80 Pounds 1.25"
Full body strength exercises (i.e. shoulder press, deadlifts, calve exercises) - Lower body strength training – Mobility and stretching exercises - Best resistance bands for assisted pull-ups, strict or kipping. Also good for adding resistance to traditional gym exercises like bench press, deadlift or squat.

#4 Green - 50 to 125 Pounds 1.75"
Large muscle groups (deadlifts, squats) - Lower body exercises - Stretching - Perfect for assisted pull ups, strict or kipping. Also good for adding resistance to traditional gym exercises like deadlift or squat.

#5 Gray - 65 to 170 Pounds 2.5"
Large muscle group strength training - Big compound exercises like squats and deadlifts. Great for people who need a lot of help with their pull ups and bar muscle ups – Certain big stretches - Best for heavier body types. Also good for adding resistance to traditional gym exercises like deadlift or squat.

Power Resistance Bands are made of all natural Malaysian latex, our power resistance bands are made with a continuous layering process that aids in preventing any type of breakage or tearing. Because of the high quality latex and the manufacturing process our resistance bands can stretch up to 2 ½ times their original size.

Made from Natural Malaysian Latex
Color: Yellow, Black, Blue, Green & Gray
SIZES: #1 Yellow- 5 to 30 Pounds (1/2" -  41" x 0.5" x 0.18")
#2 Black - 20 to 55 Pounds (7/8" - 41" x 0.85" x 0.18")
#3 Blue- 35 to 70 Pounds (1 1/4" -  41" x 1.25" x 0.18")
#4 Green - 45 to 115 Pounds (1 3/4" - 41" x 1.75" x 0.18")
#5 Gray - 60 to 170 Pounds (2 1/2" - 41" x 2.5" x 0.18")
Portable, full-body resistance band workout
    power bands resistance

    Benefits of Power Bands

    Resistance band workouts will increase strength, mobility and flexibility. Resistance bands (a.k.a. Pull Up Assist Bands) are also great for decreasing fat and boosting stamina, preventing and rehabilitating injuries, and enhancing functional movements. Supplementing our power bands into your workout will enhance your overall performance.
    Your bands can be used during warm-up, workout, and recovery. This is why we believe power bands are the best lightweight portable fitness equipment.

    More benefits:
    Get Stronger and more toned.
    Improve Mobility, Balance and Coordination.
    Increase Flexibility and Range of Motion.
    Boost Stamina and Decreases Fat.
    Prevents and Rehabilitates Injuries.
    Adds variety to your training.
    Employs specific training tactics you're likely missing.
    Incredibly Cost-Effective.
    Adaptable for multiple fitness levels.
    Used with and like familiar traditional exercises.
    Ability to do full-body exercises without anything but the bands.
    Save on storage space.
    Excellent for traveling.
    Safe and easy to use alone (no need for a spot).
    Can be combined with other equipment.

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