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66 Steel Mace Swing Variations - Beginner to Advanced Mace Exercises

April 19, 2019

We all know about steel mace 360s and 10 to 2s. They are the traditional movements of the Mace (aka Gada), and they are our personal favorite mace movements. We can find a way to fit some 360s and 10-to-2s into every workout.

When it comes to Steel Mace Swings, you can go far beyond feet hip-width apart, traditional 360s and 10 to 2s. The macebell is a tool that breeds creativity. There are literally countless ways that you can swing a steel mace through all 3 planes of motion.

steel mace 360

That being said, we wanted to get creative, so we put together a compilation of steel mace swing variations. We filmed this all in one go, and we managed to perform 66 different steel mace swing variations. If we had more time, we could have done over 100. As we are re-watching this, so many more ideas are coming to mind. That’s the beauty of the mace.

In this video, we demonstrate beginner, intermediate and advanced steel mace swing movements. They aren’t in perfect order as some progression movements made sense to bunch together. That being said, you will find a good mix of steel mace swings for all levels in this video. Use your own discretion when performing these steel mace exercises.




Steel Mace Swing Variation Movements:

  1. Pendulum
  2. Metronome
  3. 360
  4. 10 to 2
  5. Single Arm 360
  6. Single Arm 10 to 2
  7. Reverse Single Arm 360
  8. Reverse Single Arm 10 to 2
  9. Kneeling 360
  10. Kneeling 10 to 2
  11. Half-Kneeling 360
  12. Half-Kneeling Single Arm 360
  13. Half-Kneeling Single Arm 10 to 2
  14. Downward Flower
  15. Halo
  16. Single Arm Halo
  17. Mace 270
  18. Ballistic 360
  19. Offset Curl to 360
  20. 360 Archer
  21. 360 to Mace Vertical Squat
  22. Alt. Single Arm 360 Vertical Mace Squat
  23. Single Arm 360 Vertical Front Raises
  24. Single Arm 360 Thrusters
  25. Ballistic Squat 360
  26. Alt. Single Arm 360 to Front Lunge
  27. Alt. Single Arm 360 to Reverse Lunge
  28. Alt. Single Arm 360 to Side Lunge
  29. Alt. 360 Offset Overhead Press
  30. Alt. Single Arm 360 Offset Overhead Press
  31. Alt. 360 Offset Squat to Overhead Press
  32. Alt. 360 Offset Stiff Legged Deadlift
  33. Alt. Single Arm 360 Dynamic Lunge
  34. 360 Jumping Jacks
  35. Alt. Single Arm 360 Swing & Toss
  36. Alt. 360 Side Load Reverse Lunge
  37. Rotational 360
  38. Front Pendulum
  39. Figure 8 Swing
  40. Figure 8 Swing with Toss
  41. Back Switch
  42. All Around The World
  43. Skip Catch
  44. Single Step 360
  45. Single Arm 360 Lunges
  46. Walking Single Arm 360
  47. Walking Backward Single Arm 360
  48. 360 Thor Lunges
  49. Dual 360
  50. Dual 360 with Squat
  51. Dual 360 with Alt. Thrusters
  52. Dual 360 with Side Swing
  53. 360 Burpees
  54. 360 Burpees with Jump
  55. Single Arm 360 Push Up On The Ball
  56. 360 Walk The Plank
  57. 360 Rock ’N’ Roll
  58. 360 Under Leg Toss
  59. 360 Mountain Climbers
  60. One Handed 360 Burpees
  61. 360 Knee Jumps
  62. 360 Jacks
  63. 360 Skiier Jacks
  64. 360 Leg Raises Hold
  65. Rotational Side Swing
  66. Golfer Swing

As you can see, the majority of the exercises consisted of variations, or complexes, of 360s and 10-to-2s, with a mix of both two handed and single arm. However, some of the movements were swinging the mace in a different motion than a 360 or 10 to 2 swing, such as the Rotational Side Swing, Golfer Swing and Back Switch, Front Pendulum, Downward Flower, etc. When it comes to swings, you can take it vertical, horizontal, rotational, anti-rotational, and whatever else you can dream up that doesn’t defy the law of physics.

steel mace swinging movements

Tips when performing steel mace swing exercises:

  • Keep the tension, but don’t be stiff when swinging. It’s all about fluidity and strength.
  • Keep your eye on the ball of the mace for optimal control of the mace.
  • Rotation should be from your hips and thoracic spine (your upper and middle back). The thoracic spine can safely rotate about 40 degrees in either direction. The lumbar region should not rotate more than 12 degrees.
  • Some exercises require explosive movements. Others require slow and steady. If you attempt the exercise, be aware of the movement pattern and be careful as to avoid injury.
  • Practice the basic and progression exercises before moving up to the more advanced (i.e. do a 360 to Front Raise before attempting the Single Arm 360 Thrusters).
  • Keep good posture and your core engaged.
  • Make sure your joints are up to par. Work on mobility, mobilization and warm up prior to performing steel mace exercises.

macebell swing

Let us know what you favorite steel mace swing variation/movement is in the comments below. Tag us on Instagram or Facebook if you use one of these exercises or if you create your own variation! We’d love to see it and share it, Click the share button to share this blog post or video with a friend!

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