Steel Mace Training Guide (digital download)

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A SET FOR SET Guide of Steel Mace Training. 

Use the SET FOR SET Steel Mace Training Guide to apply foundational movement-based training techniques to your Steel Mace workouts.

Start working out with your Steel Mace safely and effectively using our 77-page (UPDATED!) Steel Mace Training e-Guide, which will lead you from beginner to advanced mace skill level, beginning with hand placements, ready positions, and hand switches. We then take you through over 35 Steel Mace exercises (videos + instructions) with many progressions, categorized by our Steel Mace Foundational Movement Standard and Steel Mace skill levels. You will also learn about our warm up, cool down, and mobility practices relating to Steel Mace training, as well as, the anatomy and history of the macebell.


We've added:
- 18 pages of Steel Mace Flow lessons so you can master your flow now too!
- A few single arm movements to the advanced exercise section.
- 2 advanced hand switches to spice up your Steel Mace flows.

This is a great, extensive e-guidebook for personal trainers who want to start training their clients using the Steel Mace and for Steel Mace enthusiasts who are just getting started. 

After Mastering This Steel Mace Training Course You Will Be Able To:

1. Apply and coach movement standards and cues across a broad library of SFS Steel Mace exercises.
2. Properly perform over 35 Steel Mace exercises and how to modify, de-load, or add intensity to scale movements for all fitness levels.
3. Correctly engage muscles and joints when performing macebell exercises.
4. Change the conditions of how you train with the Steel Mace to effectively work at all levels of fitness.
5. Use the SFS Steel Mace Training Guide to establish foundational movement standards to expand your exercise library.
6. Teach the Steel Mace effectively to your friends, family or clients.
7. Understand the historical importance and anatomy of the Steel Macebell.
8. Perform complicated Mace Flows.
9. Perform advanced hand switches to add more flair to your Steel Mace workouts and movements.

Levels included: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

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