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12 Best Massage Ball Movements For A Full Body Self-Massage

by Kiel DiGiovanni March 09, 2017

The lacrosse massage ball and peanut massage ball are amazing tools for trigger point therapy. Massage therapy will alleviate pain, increase mobility, improve blood flow and aid in recovery from sore or tight muscles.

Massage therapy has been around for over 5,000 years for good reason. This natural healing method is as effective as some modern day medicines.

Have you ever experienced uncomfortable knots and tightness in your muscles? I’ll venture to say that was a resounding “yes”.

If you’ve had the pleasure of receiving a professional deep tissue massage then you know how it hurts so good; both on your body and wallet. For a fraction of the price of one visit you’ll be able to give yourself a massage in the comfort of your home with these massage balls hitting regions of the body that some massage therapists are uncomfortable touching.

These massage balls mimic the pressure produced by a massage therapist’s palms or elbows. Some people use a tennis ball in place of the lacrosse massage ball but due to the softness of a tennis ball, it’s not as effective in providing a thorough deep tissue massage. Lacrosse balls and peanut massage balls are some of the favorite tools used by physical therapists, massage therapists, and athletes for massage and self-recovery.

In each of the twelve massages below the goal is to target ONLY soft muscle tissue, avoiding joints and bones. Search for problem areas by moving slowly while performing each massage. Once you locate a spot that hurts, roll on it with enough pressure to aid in loosening up the muscle. You can apply varying levels of pressure with your body-weight that will determine how deep the massage is. Remember the goal is to release tightness, not to end up with bruises.

trigger point massage therapy on glutes
Sore feet No More

How to: Start with the massage ball under the arch of your foot. Roll back and forth while pushing into ground with enough pressure to provide yourself with immediate relief from tight arches. The lacrosse massage ball even helps people who suffer from plantar fasciitis. Make sure you use it for at least 5 minutes daily and apply tons of pressure; we know it hurts but you’ll thank us later.

Bring your massage ball to work; get foot rubs and get paid at the same time.

Throw the massage ball in the freezer and come home to a cold foot massage.

Ease Calf Pain

How to: Sit on the ground or mat. Stretch out the leg you want to work while bending your other leg at 90 degrees. Place the massage ball underneath the calf you want to work at the top near the knee. Put both hands behind you on the floor to brace your body. Move your butt back and forth so the massage ball moves up and down your calf muscle. Focus on working 1-2 inch sections of your calf for 10-20 seconds before repositioning.

Rotate your leg inward or outward to target other sections of your calf.

For added pressure place your other leg on top of the leg you’re working.

Help Your Hamstrings

How to:
Sit on the ground or mat. Stretch out the leg you want to work while bending your other knee at 90 degrees. Put the massage ball at the top of your hamstring muscles. Place your hands on the floor behind you, keeping your elbows straight. Lift off the ground and roll your leg side to side on the massage ball. Then, reposition the massage ball just above your knee and repeat the same side to side movement.

Do 1-2 minutes a day of the foot massage to loosen up your hamstrings.

Make sure to be moving across the muscle not parallel to it.

Corner Your Quads

How to: Lie down on your stomach while supporting yourself on your elbows, similar to a plank position. Bring your right leg up, rotated out to the side of your body. Place the massage ball under your left thigh, with your leg extended and your toes pushing into the ground, giving you more leverage. Then, push with your toes forward and backward, rolling the ball into the target areas.

Take your time to find the problem/trigger points and focus on those points.

Hip Release

How to: Lie on your side that’s experiencing tightness, and then place your forearm on the ground while extending your leg. Bring your other leg over in front of you. Place the massage ball under your hip then put your hand on the ground in front of you. Move your hips around to release the tension in the tight areas.

Make sure to place the massage ball on soft tissue on the sides of your hips while avoiding direct contact with bone.

If it hurts too much try standing up and placing the massage ball between the wall and your tight areas. Move slowly back and forth focusing on the soft tissue of your hips.

Alleviate Glute Pain

How to:
Sit on the ground with your knees bent, feet on the floor in front of you. Put your hands down on the floor behind you for support. Then put the massage ball under your left glute. Push off the ground with your hands and roll around until you find the sore spot and keep this position until you massage away the pain.

If you need a deeper massage, simply cross your leg you’re working over the opposite thigh while bending your elbow taking advantage of gravity.

Once you find the sure spot hold that position for up to 30 seconds.

Battle Back Pain With the Peanut Massage Ball

Lower Back Pain

How to:
Place the peanut massage ball vertically under your lower back. Then, roll side to side while breathing deeply. Make sure to target the entirety of your lower back. Once you reach points that are stiff, move slowly to massage away the pain.

Tips: Once you get to the spinal area lighten up on the pressure against your bones.

More on alleviating low back pain.

Mid Back/Spine

How to: Place the peanut massage ball horizontally midway down your back. Then, roll up and down by pushing into the ground with your heels while using your forearms against the ground to the sides of your body in order to stabilize yourself.

Make sure you move slowly and avoid direct contact with your spine.

Use the wall instead of the ground if you want less pressure.

Upper Back/Shoulders Relief

How to: Stand with your back against the wall. Place the massage ball between the stressed area and the wall. Push back into the wall using the pressure to release the pain. Move in small circular motions making sure you avoid direct contact with your scapula.

Put the massage ball into a long sock or stocking to aid in positioning the ball on your upper back.

For added pressure perform this massage lying down on your back and using gravity for pressure.

trigger point therapy for shoulders

How to: Lie down on the ground and put the massage ball behind your neck to the left of your spine, below your skull. Then, roll your head side to side making sure to avoid direct contact with your bones.

If you find a tight area hold the position for up to 30 seconds before moving again.


How to: Place the massage ball on a table then put your forearm over the ball. Press down with your forearm while rolling the ball from below your elbow to your wrist.

For added pressure use your opposite hand on the top of your forearm.

Do this exercise a few times a day if you’re constantly sitting at the computer using a mouse.


How to: Stand facing the wall and place the massage ball on your upper chest. Press into the wall massaging your chest to release the pectoral major.


For added pressure perform this massage lying down on your stomach

"If it hurts, that means you should be doing this more" - Tee Major speaking on trigger point massage therapy using massage balls. 

This is perfect for post workout and recovery. Make sure you are hitting those knots and getting those muscles the blood flow they need!

If you want to start trigger pointing your muscles, we have our massage ball bundle with a Set For Set carrying bag. It's the perfect tool to relieve your sore or tight muscles and improve mobility in your joints. 

massage ball set

Kiel DiGiovanni
Kiel DiGiovanni


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