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20 minute Steel Mace Shoulder Workout (Quick & Effective!)

March 07, 2019

If you are looking for a quick, effective and challenging steel mace shoulder workout, then look no further. 

steel mace shoulder workout

20 Minute Steel Mace Shoulder Workout

This is a 20 minute steel mace shoulder workout (that's 20 minutes TOTAL).

For those who want to get a quick and effective workout in as to not feel guilty for skipping a day, this will not only satisfy your "no days off" fitness-ego but it will also keep your body guessing and metabolism in check. 

In fact, if you have a busy schedule due to work, this type of workout is perfect. You don't need to spend tons of time in the gym. So not being able to make time isn't a good excuse. If you know how to train effectively, 20 minutes is enough to keep in shape. Everyone can make time for a 20 minute workout, especially one that can be done from literally anywhere.

So, let's get into it...

Workout type: Every Minute On The Minute Workout

Equipment: Steel Maces aka Macebells (if you have multiple steel mace sizes, use the size that will challenge you for each particular exercise)

Time:  20 minutes

Target Muscles: Shoulders (secondary: core)

Purpose: This method is best for building muscle, muscle endurance, and fat loss.

Structure: Start a timer; immediately carry out 16 reps for your first exercise then stop and rest until the clock hits one minute. Continue doing one set per minute on the minute for four minutes total. At minute 4, change to the next exercise. Repeat this for a total of 5 exercises. 

Note: You can choose to do all 16 reps on one side (left or right) for one minute, then switch to the next side for the following minute OR you can do 8 reps on one side and 8 on the other side each minute.

WARM UP: Be sure to warm up your shoulders with a dynamic shoulder-focused warm up (try these bodyweight shoulder exercises as a warm up)

Exercise 1: 360  

Stack your hands near your navel and start with the steel mace at vertical front. Feet hip-to-shoulder width apart; neutral spine. Swing the steel mace over your shoulder at the 10 or the 2 (depending on how your hands are stacked - with hands right over left you should swing to your left; left over right means you swing to your right). Keep your ribs tucked, don’t flare your elbows and your hands as low as possible behind your head on the back part of the swing. When the steel mace reaches the opposite side pull it over your shoulder using the momentum (yet keep control), bring it back to the starting position. 1-second pause, keep tight, then repeat.

Tip for beginners: Choke up on the mace if it’s too heavy or if you want to practice the movement before lowering your hands to the bottom of the mace handle.

Exercise 2: Offset Overhead Shoulder Press

Feet hip-to-shoulder width apart; neutral spine. Press the steel mace overhead, pause at the top, then return to the starting position. Keep the steel mace parallel at all times.

Exercise 3: Bayonet Strike

Get in a boxers stance. Strike the steel mace forward, above your shoulder level. When you strike forward, to make the exercise more difficult, slide your top hand down the steel mace as close to the bottom hand as possible and pause at the top of the strike.

Note: Keep your core tight and your body stabilized; you can strike at different target points on each rep.

Exercise 4: Spiral Curl Press 

Shoulder width stance; neutral spine, abs and glutes tight. Curl the steel mace to your chest, rotate/press the mace outward and up, then press the mace overhead. Return in reverse back to starting position.

Note: Use a slow, smooth and continuous motion throughout this exercise. Make sure to keep your core stabilized (do not lean!).

Exercise 5: Rotating Press 

Feet shoulder width apart; neutral spine, core tight. Rotate the steel mace to Vertical Front, then rotate the mace so the mace ball is facing behind you. The mace should be parallel with the ground and your hips should be squared forward. From there, using an uppercut swing, bring it to the opposite side. Return to starting position and repeat.

Note: This one takes time to get the hang of. It really works the brain. Start by moving through the movement statically until you are comfortable performing it dynamically.

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