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3 Ways To Recenter Your Mind and Body by Personal Trainer Scott Viala

December 29, 2019

In today's day and age, it is so easy to get caught up in the distractions of life. It is so easy to fall into the grind of life that you disconnect from your mind and body. The constant distraction of social media, gossip, drama and whatever else that keeps you numb and trapped in that cycle keeps us from staying in tune with ourselves! Throw in other forms of stimulus weather it be your favorite pre-workout that is filled with caffeine and who knows what the hell else, social media attention, sex, money... top that off with working too many hrs & not enough sleep and you are well on your way to crash & burn.

how to center yourself quickly

So how do I know this? Because that is what happens to me every now and again! I get too caught up wanting to be the very best trainer possible, I overload my schedule to 60 personal training/small group training sessions a week, tack on online clients & programs. While you see the bank account rise & rise you can feel your energy and patience drop! So, what do you do when that happens? Grab that 2nd Grande Americano from Starbucks & keep grinding? You can only grind so long until the wheels fall off & you are no use to your clients or yourself!

3 Ways To Recenter Your Mind and Body

So, what do I do when I feel myself getting caught up in life and need to re-focus and re-center myself?

1. Float Therapy

ways to center yourself

I try to get into a float tank at least once a week for 60 min. I go to a locally-owned place in Kelowna BC called Gravity Float & Wellness. This is my form of ultimate relaxation for my mind & body. When I am in the float tank my body totally decompresses and I feel so connected to my body floating in that soothing saltwater. This is my meditation; this is where I work out my shit. While floating I do my very best thinking on life, love & business. Every single time I come out refreshed and centered. I highly recommend everyone try a float at least once or twice! It might be just what you need to help you destress and work on yourself.

2. Get Some Sleep

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We all know how much better we feel when we have a proper night’s sleep, yet most of us do not get close to enough. Sleep is the time when our body and mind recover, so we need to take advantage of that so we can bring our best to the next day! So, set up a nighttime routine. Ditch the cell phone/social media and have a bath & read a book. Write in a journal about your day or whatever you want to express while listening to relaxing music or binaural beats while drinking your favorite tea. Do whatever you enjoy, to help you drift off to sleep and feel the benefits of quality sleep.

3. Get Out in Nature

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I live in one of the most beautiful places in Canada, but what is the point of living in this paradise if you don’t take advantage of what it has to offer. My absolute favorite thing to do is pack my bag, grab a steel mace or two and explore. Walking out into the woods and finding a hiking trail with mace in hand makes you feel so powerful. There is something primal about being in nature and swinging a mace and it really does reconnect your body and mind. More than anything else this helps me recenter myself & I can feel the stressors of life falling to the ground with every rotation of the mace. Every rotation I feel more at peace with myself, I feel my mind clear & expand. As I write this and think about my day & know I will be inside a gym for the next 12hrs I can not wait to get back out into nature and swing my maces and reconnect with myself.


So, these are three things I swear by that help me recenter my mind and body when life becomes to hectic & I think they will be able to help you to when life gets out of control. Take the time for yourself and do whatever it is that helps you destress and clear your mind.

If you have any other methods that help you recenter your mind and body I would love to hear what they are & how they help you. Let me know on Instagram at @Viala_Training.

Feel free to leave a comment below too!

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how steel maces can help your destress

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