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6 Resistance Band Stretching and Mobility Exercises

by Sam Coleman April 21, 2017

Resistance bands can be a great assistance for stretching, especially for those with limited flexibility and mobility.

Stretching is very important as it lengthens and relaxes the muscles. Mobility is also very important as it increases your range of motion and allows you to move better.

Resistance bands are great if you don’t have anyone, or don’t want someone to rely on, to stretch you.

You can...
- Decide your own tension.
- Decide when to stop the stretch.
- Stretch anytime at your convenience.

And, you will improve your flexibility and mobility in no time. 

Best time to stretch:
We suggest doing this stretching and mobility workout at the end of the day. When it's time to completely relax and you won’t be using your muscles as much. We prefer this method rather than stretching before or after a workout.

Lower Body Stretches
Hold each stretch for a few seconds then release it and repeat for 10 reps. Repeat on opposite side.

Exercise 1 - Hamstring:
Most people have very tight hamstrings. Wrap the band around your foot. Grab it and pull towards you. Try to keep your leg as straight as possible.


Exercise 2 - Groin:
While lying on the ground, swing your leg outward into a half split. Pull the resistance band towards you. You can pull it around your back and grab it with your other hand (as done in Glutes exercise below), for more tension. Make sure to stretch each leg thoroughly.


Exercise 3 - Glutes:
Swing your right leg over and across your left leg, while keeping your right leg as straight as possible. Pull the resistance band around your back and grab it with your left hand to apply the proper amount of tension. You will feel this really stretching out the glutes.


Exercise 4 - Quad:
Double wrap the resistance band around your foot. A bigger band is preferable for this movement as you can get some good, strong tension. You will also feel the stretch in your hip flexors.


Upper Body Movements
10 reps (slow and steady).

Exercise 5 - Shoulder and Back
This exercise will fire up the rear deltoids, rhomboids, and Teres minor to get them ready to stabilize the shoulder joint. Keep a neutral spine, think good posture.

One set 10-12 reps.

Slowly pull the band apart. When you pull the band apart, make sure to retract your shoulder blades. You’ll activate all your posterior muscles, getting them ready to stabilize the shoulder joint for big compound movements, while making sure that your shoulder isn’t going to sustain any injuries.


Exercise 6 - Shoulder and Chest
Stand with a wide stance and neutral spine. Think good posture

Slightly pull the band apart as you pass it over your head and back around, getting a nice stretch in the pectoral muscles and also that important mobility in the shoulder joint.

One set of 10-12 reps.


Full Workout:



Again, we suggest doing this at the end of the day. It's a great way to wind down and help you relax without all that stiffness. Do this as often as you can and you will see big improvements in your flexibility and mobility, which in turn help you with your weight training, running, and working out in general.

If you don't have bands and want them, SET FOR SET's resistance band SET 1 which includes the yellow and black band, and SET 2 which includes the yellow, black and blue band, is a great way to step up your stretching game.

Our Full Set which includes 5 bands is also a great option as you will open yourself up to more possibilities in regards to different exercises. You can also use the bands for muscle and strength building exercises, such as this full body resistance band workout.

If you have some cool stretches you'd like to share, please comment below and/or post to Instagram and tag us @setforset.

Sam Coleman
Sam Coleman


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