Boost Athleticism With Resistance Bands

Boost Athleticism With Resistance Bands

August 26, 2017

If you follow any professional sports these days you will tend to see a lot more athletes using resistance bands in their workouts.  This is because they work wonders. Elastic resistance is one of the key components of functional exercise. Using elastic resistance will enhance athletic power, increase mobility, improve flexibility and help correct posture.

However, athletes should still incorporate weight training into their exercise regimens but elastic resistance can provide an efficient form of loading that is directly transferable to athletic prowess. 

You might be asking “what are the benefits of elastic resistance training?”

-Increased range of motion with added strength

-Improved bodyweight to strength ratio

-Force of production enhancement

-Better flexibility and mobility capabilities

-Reduction in chance of injury

-Lower impact on joints and tendons

No gimmicks here! Peak performers in all athletics as well as strength and conditioning communities are using elastic resistance as a compliment to more traditional styled strength training.

Try to pick up a light weight and throw it. What happened? If you applied enough force to overtake its inertia it went flying. On the other hand not even Usain Bolt could move fast enough to overtake the acceleration of an elastic resistance band; the result would be the elastic stretching out further.  This means that during exercise using elastic resistance you are never left with zero resistance. Constant tension on the muscles leads to more power and speed.

Have a look at some athletes competing at the highest levels who reap the rewards of elastic training.

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