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Double Mace Workout: Feels Like Your First Time Ever Using Steel Maces

March 27, 2020

Presenting a double steel mace workout by Scott Viala. In this post, Scott talks about how using two macebells at the same time for this workout brought back memories of his early steel mace training days. Then he runs through a brutal mace doubles workout. Prepare for dual wielding maces... 

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I have been training with the steel mace for almost 7 years, but this is the first time I have ever done a full double Steel Mace workout. This workout was very challenging for me in a few ways and I was not fully expecting it when I wrote the workout up the night before! Now don’t get me wrong I was not expecting an easy go through the motion’s workout. The forearm pump I got from this was something else along with general fatigue from swinging and moving with two 15lb maces. It really opened my eyes. Swinging double maces, bracing and holding one mace down the centerline while performing a 360 with the other gave me the feeling of picking up the mace for the first time all those years ago. That feeling after those first few sessions with the steel mace and how my forearms were jacked up, my triceps shredded, and my grip seemed pitiful at best. I remember thinking I can deadlift over three times my bodyweight how in the hell is my grip and forearms giving out with only 20lbs? It made no sense to me at that time!

Picking up, using the steel mace and sticking with it really showed me what I was missing in my training program. Adding the steel mace to my strength and conditioning program really helped me take my training to the next level. I was extremely shocked how all of my lifts increased after adopting the steel mace and how much better my shoulders felt after learning proper rotation with the mace.

Steel mace training gave me so much more body awareness and lifting the mace in traditional patterns but with leverage really helped me strengthen my core and brought all my stabilizer muscles up to par (all of which is what double mace exercises continue to develop). Years before this I tore my rotator cuff from years of heavy overhead dumbbell presses along with no proper warm-up. The damage I had done to my body from years of heavy lifting was being corrected one training session at a time with the steel mace! At that time, I saw the benefits it was bringing to myself and I became obsessed with the mace! The deeper I got into mace training and pairing it with heavy kettlebells I would see my strength grow and grow.

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So, every week Mace training was taking up a lot more of my programming and less with heavy barbell work. I can not even explain how much better I was feeling and moving ... but still in the back of my head due to my years of training with heavy dumbbells and barbells, I thought I was going to lose my muscle mass and my strength. This was so far away from reality, I gained size and strength from ditching the heavy dumbbell’s/Barbells and only focused on Steel Mace & Kettlebell training.

Every few months I would test myself on the traditional lifts and I would see my strength increase every single time on the deadlift, bench press & squat. Keep In mind I would still be moving heavy weight loads and increasing my weight with the mace and kettlebell lifts and not just sticking with a light mace and kettlebell. If that was the case, I would not have gained the extra muscle and strength I was looking for to reach my own personal goals.

So now looking back training-wise and the things I would do in my younger days makes me cringe! I wish I could go back and take those 100lb dumbbells out of my hands and give myself a SET FOR SET Steel Mace! But training is all a learning curve and I am so proud I can help so many people every single day look better, feel better and move better with the steel mace.

This double steel mace workout brought me back and let me remember what it is like to use the mace for the first time. This workout let me feel what my clients feel when they step into my training cage and use the mace for the very first time and it's such a powerful feeling!! 

SET FOR SET Double 15lb Steel Mace Workout


1) Steel Mace One Arm 360 (Bracing opposite arm)

Sets: 4 x reps - 60 seconds (each arm)
Rest: 60 - 90 seconds

2) Alternating One Arm 360

Sets: 4 x reps - 60 seconds
Rest: 60 - 90 seconds

3) Squat Front Press

Sets: 4 x reps - 60 seconds
Rest: 60 - 90 seconds

4) Reverse Lunge w/ High Knee (Front hold)

Sets: 4 x reps - 60 seconds (each leg)
Rest: 60 - 90 seconds

5) Alternating Lateral Lunge (Front hold)

Sets: 4 x reps - 60 seconds
Rest: 60 - 90 seconds

Author: Scott Viala 

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If you are just starting double steel mace exercises, begin with 7lb or 10lb maces. 15lb maces will be very challenging!

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