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10 Minute Dynamic Warm Up Using a Steel Mace

August 05, 2019

Steel maces offer a multitude of benefits, such as muscle endurance, rotational power, core stability, forearm strength, balance, and full-body conditioning.

But, what a lot of people don’t talk about is how a lighter steel mace can be an excellent tool for warming up before unconventional workouts (i.e. Kettlebells and Heavy Steel Maces) AND typical conventional workouts like a “chest day” or “leg day”.

A mace doesn’t have to be the only tool involved in a warm up, but it surely is a great implement to include...

Sometimes, it’s the only implement we use for a quick warm up. Not only is it effective, but it is also fun.

So, with that, here is a dynamic full-body warm up using a 7LB steel mace.

Steel Mace Dynamic Warm Up

The entire warm up is around 10 minutes long. This video has been sped up to save on viewing time.

Focus on each of the movements for around 8 reps or 10-20 seconds.

Steel Mace Warm Up Details:

The workout includes dynamic stretches and strength drills. It also incorporates your cardiovascular system as you will run through this warm up without stopping, thus getting and keeping your heart rate up.

That said, feel free to do 3-5 minutes of a cardiovascular warm up such as jogging beforehand if you please.

The goal of this warm up is to increase the blood flow to your joints and muscles, deliver oxygen to your muscles, increase body temperature, and improve the range of motion particularly in your hips, shoulders and wrists. What’s more, this warm up should prepare you both mentally and physically for the strenuous workout to come.

Warning: Know your limits and be careful, as a 7LB mace may be heavy to use in this manner (as a warm up) for some people. If you don't have this kind of capacity, you will be better off doing a bodyweight warm up. We have a bodyweight dynamic warm up featured at the end of this article. 

List of The Mace Warm Up Exercises Seen In The Above Video:

  • Arm Circles (Forwards/Backwards)
  • Figure 8s
  • Front Circles
  • Single Arm 360s
  • 10-to-2s
  • Single Arm Reverse 360s
  • Overhead Presses
  • Lateral Raises
  • External Rotations
  • External Rotations to Side Raises
  • Squat Holds
  • Alternating Forward Lunges
  • Forward Lunges to Archer Press
  • Alternating Lateral Lunges
  • Alternating Reverse Lunges to Curtsy Lunges
  • Wrist Circles (Internal/External)
  • Deep Squat Holds for Mobility
  • Shin Box Switches

When should I do this steel mace warm up?

Use this steel mace warm up before any workout. This will be a useful warm up before any upper, lower, or full-body workout. It’s especially effective for a leg, chest or shoulder day. Of course, this is also an effective warm up before an intense metabolic steel mace workout or any kettlebell or sandbag workout.

steel mace warm up

Warming Up Your Joints

This full body warm up routine puts emphasis on warming up your joints:

  • Shoulders
  • Elbows
  • Wrists
  • Hips
  • Knees

Why do you need to warm up?

If you just jump right into heavy weights, your joints are going to bear the brunt. Not only is it potentially going to be painful, but you are increasing the chance of injury and you are reducing your range of motion which will lead to mediocre results in strength training.

Warm-ups are proven to enhance performance.

Even if you don’t plan on having a strenuous workout, this dynamic warm up routine can be used for:

  • Muscle Endurance
  • Alleviating Tightness (great way to take an active break for people who work sitting down all day)

10 minute dynamic warm up

What about Static Stretching before a Workout?

There are copious amounts of studies proving that static stretching will not result in a reduced chance of injury. Moreover, static stretching has shown to decrease performance potential and strength gains. 

This has become common knowledge. It’s about as “common knowledge” as warming up is in general. Yet, you still see people performing static stretches before working out, which is why we are making this point.

Save static stretching for after your workouts.

What you want to do before working out is a dynamic warm up.

A dynamic warm up involves dynamic stretches (short stretches with movement), cardiovascular exercises and strength drills.

Another important part of warming up is slowly increasing the weight until you are at a heavy working weight.

For example, if you are squatting, once your dynamic workout is done, you still don’t want to just jump into a heavy set. The best bet for reducing the chance of injury and for maximizing your strength is to slowly work up to your heaviest working sets.

So, let’s say your typical working set on Squats is 315lb x 5 reps for a few sets, you will want to do a few warm up sets as follows:

Set 1: Squats with just the Olympic Bar
Set 2: 135lb x 6-10
Set 3: 155-185lb x 6-10
Set 4: 225lb x 5
Set 5: 245lb x 3
Set 6: 265 x 1-3

and so on…

You can play with the rep count, but you get the point - Work up slowly but also don’t tire yourself out before you reach your heavy working sets. Once you get to the heavier warm up sets, lower the rep count and just get a couple reps in to allow your muscles, joints and mind to acclimate to the heavier weight.

Now, if you don’t plan on lifting heavy because you are doing an HIIT or Metabolic Workout, you are still going to want to do a dynamic warm up. But in this case, once the dynamic warm up is finished, you can pretty much just jump into your routine as long as you feel ready. 

steel mace mobility

Joint Mobility

A 7lb mace can be a great tool for nourishing your body, and more specifically your joints.

A lighter mace can really help create fluidity in your joints.

By keeping your joints healthy and mobile, you will be able to move without compensation and you will reduce your chance of getting injured.

60+ Years Old:

Joint health is a particularly important thing to focus on as you get older. Aging causes your joints to become less mobile, as a lot of people don't move through a full range of motion due to sedentary lifestyles. For example, if you never squat (even without weights), your range of motion will be very limited, so even bending down to pick things up can become difficult.

This is why it’s very important to stay ahead of the game. In any case, it’s never too late.

A 7lb steel mace is a great tool for maintaining healthy joints. It allows you to train with a lightweight load and the offset weight brings balance into play. Plus, it's fun!

By running through full body mace workouts, you will push and pull nutrients to your joints, which will keep them nourished, and if you have a persisting injury, it will help it heal.

A simple routine like the warm up featured in this post can be a great "workout" for someone who lacks mobility and those who are "advanced in age".

If you are looking for more warm up, mobility, and stretching routines/exercises, check out the videos below!

Bodyweight Dynamic Warm Up Routine:

Steel Mace Shoulder Mobility Exercises:

Stretching and Mobility Exercises Using Resistance Bands:


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