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A Set for set guide of steel mace training with over 35 exercises!

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Introduction to the steel mace

The Steel Mace is derived from an ancient weapon and training tool. It works core stability, rotational power, strength, endurance, and structural integrity. The offset weight challenges your body in a completely different way, making it easy to spot and target weak areas of your body. It’s an incredibly powerful tool for full body conditioning, increasing range of motion, strengthening stabilizer muscles, especially the shoulders, elbows and wrists, and preventing injuries. Whether you are a personal trainer, fighter, athlete or desk jockey, steel mace training will benefit you. Come train with us. 

steel mace exercise poster

Mace Exercise Poster

27 Exercises with Scannable QR Codes



"The steel mace is an awesome piece of equipment that will give you a serious workout! My shoulder mobility has greatly improved since I started implementing the mace into my routine." -Brice H.

"Mace training incorporates agility, balance, and coordination. I feel empowered like a warrior!" -Anne M.

"It's a great core workout as well as an effective way to work on grip strength." -Dan M.

Exercise Library

Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Exercises for serious full body conditioning.

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