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Top 20+ Instagrams to Follow for Steel Mace Training

April 15, 2019 2 Comments

Have you been looking for some steel mace inspiration on Instagram? Do you want to follow the best steel mace trainers on Instagram?

Well, look no further. We’ve compiled a list of the top steel mace Instagrammers to follow for mace education, workouts, exercises, inspiration, and motivation.

Best Steel Mace Instagram Criteria:

We’ve chosen the following accounts based on a few criteria. To make it on this list, the Instagram page must be steel mace focused, meaning they often post about steel maces. Furthermore, the page must provide value, be that education, inspiration, motivation, or all of the above. We know many people in the steel mace community are worthy of this list, but we wanted to provide pages that are heavily steel mace focused and from people who are skilled with the steel mace - self-taught or certified, it doesn’t matter. Their understanding of steel mace training and JAM (joints, actions, muscles) must be up to par. Also, we want to provide you with steel mace Instagram pages that create their own content. 

You can be confident that when you follow these Steel Mace Instagrams you will be following someone who you can trust and learn from, one way or another.


Here's our list of the best Instagrams to follow for Steel Mace Training, in no particular order...

Leo Savage 

If you’ve been following mace stuff on Instagram at all you’ve probably seen Leo. He is the steel mace flow master, and he is quite eccentric. We recommend checking out Leo if you want to learn how to flow with the mace. He’s a steel mace coach who is clearly very passionate about what he does, so you’ll definitely be inspired to flow, and you'll be in great hands.

Anthony Rock

Rock is a good friend of SET FOR SET and someone who we’ve been collaborating with pretty much since day one. He is a fantastic coach and another flow master. He swings maces and kettlebells, and does all types of traditional and unconventional training as well. If you are on the new wave of fitness, he’s a guy who you can learn a ton from. His Monday Mace Breakdowns are ultra-informative and will help you advance your mace skills quickly. If you are in the Portland area, you may even be able to learn from him in person or set up a workshop. If you want education, inspiration, motivation and proper tutorials, get over to his page.

Kelly Manzone

Kelly Manzone is another good friend of SET FOR SET and a super awesome coach. Her mace style is traditional, and there’s no BS with her. She puts out a lot of content in the unconventional space. She swings maces, clubs, kettlebells and more. Her collection of equipment is magnificent - old school gada-style maces and other stuff you’ve possibly never seen. There is so much to learn by following her page and she will definitely motivate you to work hard.

Steel Mace Warrior 

Victoria Islas, aka Steel Mace Warrior, is a down to earth, certified steel mace coach. She runs an awesome steel mace podcast and has had some really great guests on, many who are on this list. If you are looking for inspiration, motivation and a connection/resource into the mace world, definitely check her out. She’s very relatable and an all around good person. These are the vibes the steel mace community wants and needs.

Erik "Esik" Melland

Esik, aka the Viking Ninja, is a pioneer in the world of steel mace training. Many of the movements you will see around the community have been created by him. He has his own gym in Texas called Viking Ninja Academy so if you want to learn in person from one of the greats, you have the ability to do so. All in all, if you are looking for top of the line education and inspiration, head over to his Instagram and get started on your mace journey with help from one of the best.

Valhalla Training Academy

This guy is a true modern day Viking. His training style is extremely badass and he makes it look so smooth and like a hell of a lot of fun. He uses maces, atlas stones, kegs, olympic bars, kettlebells, axes, heavy maces…and more maces. He will surely bring a lot of people into the mace world with his style. If you want an inspirational Viking-worthy training regiment, go follow him immediately. Some of the best steel mace flows in the game.

Jaime Barber

Jamie is essentially Wonder Woman with a mace. If you are looking for education and motivation via a women’s touch, she’s the way to go. She moves with incredible purpose.

Mr. Maceman

No macebell list would be complete without the legend himself - Mr Maceman. He was one of the first to bring steel maces to the scene in the West. He’s pure tradition, teaching the fundamentals of steel mace training to precision. His page is great for motivation and inspiration. He also travels the world running workshops, so keep an eye out if you want to learn from him in person. If you are a gym owner, you can reach out to him about running a workshop.


This guy is F’in awesome. Herbert is the Dutch mace specialist. He travels the world and he’s always got his mace with him. He does flow tutorials on his page which are extremely informative and well done. It’s nice that he doesn’t just flow awesome, he teaches it well too. Moreover, his ability to inspire is next level. He has some awesome videos flowing outside of places like the Taj Mahal, Golden Gate Bridge, and many more equally dope places. His travels to India, the home of the Gada (the original mace training tool), are really fun to follow. He’s one of our personal favorites to keep an eye on.

Summer Huntington 

Summer’s Instagram is sublimely motivational and inspirational. If you ever have a day where you don’t want to train, check her page out. She reminds us that training is not only good for us, but it’s also fun and spiritual.

Colin "Wolf" Daring

Colin is a freak of nature. He lives in NYC and his skill with kettlebells and steel maces is very admirable. He is also strong AF. Be sure to check him out and join his wolf pack. 

The Upgrade Guys 

This page isn’t necessarily dedicated to steel mace movement, but it has some of the best information on training properly and building a foundation of solid movement and mobility so you don’t get injured and to upgrade your overall fitness. That being said, many of the exercises and tutorials apply to steel mace training, like using bands to improve your steel mace 360 form. If you want a page that addresses a lot of the BS that you see in the gym, and that will teach you some essentials to warm up, workout, and recovery, they are the guys. Upgrade yo’self with the Upgrade Guys.

Steel Mace Yoga

Steel Mace and Yoga, gotta love this combination. Follow this page, which is run by @furryyogii for some steel mace and yoga inspiration.

Steel Mace Exercises 

Here is another resource for steel mace exercises. This page was created by Esik and it offers all types of steel mace tutorials and movements. He also shares videos from people like you, so be sure to tag the page.

Vincent Herzog

Switzerland, stand up! Vincent represents Switzerland mace training and he’s doing a fantastic job at spreading awareness in Europe. There’s a lot of excellent content to learn and aspire to coming from his Instagram page.

Steel Mace Women  

Steel Mace Women’s Instagram reminds us that women are just as badass, if not more, than men. The steel mace never discriminates. This page’s bio states it all: “Highlighting powerful Women & Steel Mace. Together uniting to empower women to find strength, heart & passion.”

Coach Mads 

Coach Mads has some serious mace skills. If you want some original stuff, check him out. We like what he’s doing.

Coach Vaughn 

Coach Vaughn is putting out some super dope content. He is educational, motivational and will teach you how to do things properly through well thought out tutorials. He is definitely a man of his own mind, as everything we see him doing is unique. Definitely someone to follow in the mace world. He also uses clubs and other Viking-esque training techniques.

Zack Yanyk  

Hailing out of Canada, we have Zack Yanyk. Go check out his page and see what else you can do with the steel mace. He has a unique style and is an adept movement artist. If you have two maces, check out his dual wielding mace videos. Two maces at once isn’t as easy as it looks!

Double Steel Mace Workout

Nat Cruz 

Representing the Philippines with passion, Nat is another mace woman mastering the craft. She’s an outstanding coach to take notice of.

Scott Viala

Here we have another certified Viking. Scott Viala is proof that unconventional training can shape and sculpt you to perfection. If kettlebells, maces, and pure badassery is your thing, he’s going to be a great asset to your follow list.

Steel Mace Education

This is an awesome page run by Coach Rich Thurman. It has tons of individual steel mace exercises. He’s constantly putting out new moves that are great for people at all levels and he runs giveaways and contests quite often (we sponsor some of the giveaways - free maces!). If you are looking for a good resource for different steel mace exercises, this page is a must-follow.  If you want this type of training in person, you can contact @coach_rt3, as he runs workshops across the states, usually on the west and east coast. He is based out of San Fransisco. He is a no BS kind of guy when it comes to his training methodology. He focuses on building a solid foundation, so you can be sure you are learning with longevity top of mind.


This is our page. We put out original content for the steel mace community, and we also share the best stuff we find from our customers’ Grams. We have tons of exercises and workouts on Instagram, Youtube and our blog. We also aim to inspire and motivate the steel mace community.


If we didn’t and you to this list, it may be that we aren’t aware of the greatness you are providing the steel mace community and it slipped under our radar OR we unintentionally missed you when putting this together. So, if you think you, or someone you know, belong on this list, leave a comment below with your handle. We will take a look. We’d be honored to hear from you.

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