steel mace arm workout

Steel Mace & Kettlebell Arm Blast Workout

January 08, 2020

Looking for a way to blast your arms using steel maces and kettlebells? Great. We have you covered. Check out our new Steel Mace & Kettlebell Arm Workout by Scott Viala below!

steel mace and kettlebell arm workout

It’s a new year full of hope and promise. Across the world hordes of people are making new years resolutions and finding their way into the gym. I have been a certified personal trainer for over 13 years, and I have seen it all when it comes to that new year's rush and what people want to achieve for results in the gym.

So, what are some of the most common things people are looking for when they make it to the gym and set up a consultation? Well, first and foremost people what to lose weight. That’s standard, so let’s take a look at what men and women are looking for specifically.

Women want to grow a bigger butt (a future Viala Training blog is in the works. Highlighting how I help women get the curves they are looking for with the Steel Mace & Kettlebells).

Alright now what about the men? They want to grow bulging biceps and horseshoe triceps. So, today's video and blog will focus on the men that want those massive arms!

kettlebell arm workout

How to get bigger arms with steel maces and kettlebells

I think this is universal, no guy wants skinny little arms!! When wearing a t-shirt you want it filled out & form-fitting, not two little twigs that look like they are drowning in your sleeves!

But if you are like me, you train with steel maces & kettlebells and you stay away from the traditional arm day workouts. When people think about steel mace training, what are the first few things that come to mind?

Better mobility, flows, strong core & stabilizers...But, big & powerful arms is not what most people would think of. HOWEVER, when done properly, and under a heavy weight load, you can definitely build bigger biceps & triceps without your typical “Bro” arm day!

To grow your arms, you do not need to slave away trying to isolate your bi’s from every angle with machines, cables & dumbbells! All you need is a heavy Steel Mace & Kettlebell.

Whatever that looks like for you. Challenge yourself and step out of your comfort zone... but always remember to keep your form dialed in & your ego in check. We want those arms to grow, we do not want to throw out your back!!!

So, I challenge everyone to try this steel mace and kettlebell arm workout and feel your arm pump up like crazy as well as reap the benefits of everything the steel mace has to offer. 



Exercise One:
Steel Mace Punch/Swing/Curl
4 sets x 60 seconds (each side)
Rest - 60-90 seconds

Exercise Two:
2a) Alternating Kettlebell Hang Clean 2b) Steel Mace 360 Ballistic Curls
4 sets x 60 seconds each (2a & 2b)
Rest - 60-90 seconds

Exercise Three:
3a) Alternating Kettlebell Back Rows 3b) Ballistic Curls
4 sets x 3a) 60 seconds 3b) 30 seconds
Rest - 60-90 seconds

Exercise Four:
4a) Alternating Kettlebell Swing Cleans 4b) High Plank Steel Mace Rows
4 sets x 4a) 60 seconds 4b) 30 seconds (each side)
Rest - 60-90 seconds

macebell arm workout

I did this workout with only 2 pieces of equipment, a 30LB SET FOR SET Steel Mace and a 71LB Kettlebell, and it had my arms screaming for mercy!!! Try this Unconventional arm blast on your next training session and watch your arms grow & grow...with no concentration curls or rope pulldowns needed!

Buy a heavy (relative to your strength) SET FOR SET Mace

steel mace set

Buy a SET FOR SET Kettlebell 

set for set kettlebells
kettlebell arm workout

Let us know what you think about this Steel Mace & Kettlebell Arm Workout in the comments below!

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