The Ultimate Grip Strength Tool: THE STEEL MACE - FOR THE GRIP OF THOR!

The Ultimate Grip Strength Tool: THE STEEL MACE - FOR THE GRIP OF THOR!

May 28, 2020

If you are looking for the ultimate grip strengthening equipment to build ridiculous strength, mobility and endurance in your hands and arms while having a fun warrior-type, gravity-fighting workout, then look no further, The STEEL MACE is just what you are looking for.

The macebell, aka gada, was first used by ancient Hindu warriors thousands of years ago to train for swinging weapons and hand-to-hand combat in battle.

You can imagine how powerful they needed their grip, arms and rotational strength to be during combat. So they would train with a heavy mace (much heavier than their swords or weapon used in battle) so that when they reached battle they were able to use their weapon as if it was nothing.

The functionality of a steel mace doesn’t just apply to swinging swords; it can be applied to many sports today. Think tennis, golf, baseball, mma, BJJ, boxing… the list goes on.

This is because most sports require strong shoulders, rotational strength, core strength and of course, GRIP STRENGTH.

How the mace works

The mace has an uneven distribution of weight - It holds most of its weight at the base.

Swinging the mace in a variety of movements requires you to dynamically flex and adjust your hand to control the uneven distribution of weight. It’s most definitely one of the most effective tools for grip and arm strength.

Steel Mace Grip Strength Resources:

Altering the difficulty of the steel mace

A wider grip on the handle will make it easier to perform most steel mace exercises.

With one hand close to the mace-head and the other hand close to the end of the handle, the movements/exercises are easier because it counterbalances the uneven weight distribution.

By gripping towards the end of the metal rod with BOTH hands closer together you will make exercises considerably more difficult, requiring more control and overall strength, as the uneven allocation of the mace’s weight will remain off balance.

The ability to change the difficulty of a movement by simply altering your hand placement makes the Steel Mace an extremely dynamic and versatile training tool.

Furthermore, the steel mace provides a multitude of other benefits, such as core strength, rotational strength, and muscle endurance.

You could get a killer full body workout in with just the steel mace or you could use it in addition to your regular training program and routine to focus on improving specific weaknesses and muscle imbalances.

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