where to buy a steel mace

Where to Buy a Steel Mace?

January 15, 2020

So, you’ve made up your mind and you want to buy a steel mace. But, you're wondering “Where can I buy a steel mace (or steel maces)?”

Better yet, you are probably wondering, “Who sells the best steel maces? Who has the best price? Fastest Delivery, Great Customer Service, Free Mace Education (super important as this is a specialty tool), and all of the above…plus more!?”

You might also be thinking, “should I buy a steel mace online or can I find one in a physical store?”

Well, we are here to advise you on where to buy a steel mace and who has the best steel macebells (and is the best mace company) in the game and why.

Let this be your guide to choosing the right steel mace. Whether it’s your first, second or fifth mace, everything below applies, and you will want to read it all.

Where to buy steel mace


Let’s start with the impending question “where to buy a steel mace”. The answer is simple, SET FOR SET. SET FOR SET is the right place and SET FOR SET Steel Maces are undoubtedly the right choice.

However, a simple answer like this doesn’t help anyone. You need to know WHY you should buy a steel mace from SET FOR SET.

So, let’s dig into the “why” behind the “where”.

steel mace


There are a few reasons why you should buy your steel maces from SET FOR SET, so let’s run through these, and as we do, you will see we are not being biased at all.


SET FOR SET is a company that not only specializes in the steel mace, they are a steel mace company. It isn’t just one product among a long list of fitness tools. It is our expertise. Our main squeeze.

This means we put all our effort into producing the best steel maces, keeping our price as competitive as possible for the quality and value we provide, and providing education that revolves around steel mace training, day in and day out. You won’t find a company more dedicated to the steel mace than SET FOR SET.

Think of it as if you are going out to dinner and you want a porterhouse steak. Are you going to go to a local steakhouse (SET FOR SET) or Applebees/Ruby Tuesday (insert other steel mace brands here)?

Unless you are a cult follower, we think we know the answer…


During our first two years of selling maces, we received feedback from customers and spoke with specialists in the mace training field as to improve our steel maces. We looked at things like handle length and width, knurling, and bell size.

We believe we have perfected the design of our steel maces because of this.

Our handles are the perfect length and width for both swinging (mace 360s and 10-to-2s) and offset loading for countless exercises. Our knurling is strong as to give you good grip without the need for chalk, but not too strong as to rip up your hands when swinging our heavier maces. And our maces have a welded steel end cap, unlike many sellers who have a plastic end cap that can pop off and break. This makes our maces virtually indestructible. In all of our thousands of customers, not one has had their mace break. The handles are strong and the welding of the bell to the handle is unbreakable (not to mention a clean weld so it looks great).

Moreover, we use a powder-coated black matte paint on our steel mace, which looks simply beautiful. In a rugged way, as a mace should in our opinion. It looks like a serious fitness stool, not some colorful “plaything”.

All in all, most sellers of the steel mace simply source the manufacturer's design/dimensions and never make changes, and most of those manufacturers are from China and they’ve never even used a mace for training before. They only produce them. The general design is there for all maces we see on the market, but small things like what we mentioned above matter. And although Chinese manufacturers undoubtedly make quality products (these days there’s no denying it), they don’t know what the people want exactly. So, we believe this is a major advantage of SET FOR SET maces. We’ve worked with our manufacturer to make the perfect steel mace.

If you don’t believe us, just check out our steel mace reviews. Note: The dimensions for our maces are on the same page.


Out of all the better-known brands for steel maces, our prices are one of the best. We’ve always aimed to remain competitive on pricing as we want to make it possible for everyone to afford this specialty tool.

However, when comparing the value and “best bang for your buck”, our maces have the best price. Here’s why…

SET FOR SET’s mace design is better, as we’ve already mentioned…

SET FOR SET Steel Mace Prices:

7LB   Mace: $27.95
10LB Mace: $37.95
15LB Mace: $49.95
20LB Mace: $67.95
25LB Mace: $82.95
30LB Mace: $99.95

macebell training pdf


With a specialty tool like the steel mace, without proper training, it will be nearly impossible to use it properly and in all of its greatness. Without the right education/training, people end up using it like some kind of strange barbell and dumbbell, and that is not doing any justice to the potential of this amazing fitness tool.

E-guide’s value: You may think with all the videos on YouTube, you don't need a guide. The problem is you really need to learn even more basic things than simple beginner exercises to be able to use the mace correctly. Plus, you need clear explanations for the foundational stuff. Our mace e-guide is truly a workshop in book - all video-based.

When considering this, for those new to mace training, our maces have the best price in the game. It’s not even comparable. Our guide is very thorough and effective and if it was a live workshop (which it basically is in digital form), it would costs hundreds of dollars, at a minimum (just see what mace trainers out there charge for workshops...and the education they offer during workshops is very similar to what we provide in this e-book). Don’t believe us, just check the reviews. Or go to a workshop then get our guide and let us know.

What does our 84-page mace training e-guide comprise?

Our training guide starts off with our steel mace training methodology. Then it covers the true basics of mace training, which you won’t find on the internet. We are talking (surprisingly) important things like hand placement, grip placement, ready positions, and hand switches. Hand switches are crucial as many exercises involve moving the mace from one position to the next. Also, these basics will help you move through the training guide in an effective manner. All of this is demonstrated through videos, pics and descriptions.

After the basics, you will be introduced to our beginner exercises. Then you will learn how to perform the swing movements (the traditional mace movements). Doing the practice movements is essential to learning how to swing a steel mace correctly. There are so many benefits of steel mace swing movements like the 360, but if not done correctly, it can be more detrimental than beneficial (think shoulder issues). It’s crazy how one tool that can immensely help your shoulders can also destroy them with improper form.

After that, we introduce the intermediate exercises, then advanced exercises. From there, we get into steel mace flows and complexes (our favorite way to train with the mace is complex training).

Finally, we teach you how to program the mace, creating workouts and workout plans, etc.

Overall, this isn’t just a training guide that will teach you how to use the mace, it will also teach you how to teach others. So it’s a double whammy on that front. You are welcome to use our methods in your own coaching practice.

Again, check out the reviews to see what people have to say about our mace training guide.

steel mace eguide

Note: it is in pdf form and the videos are embedded in from Google Drive. You can use it from your phone or computer. If you want, you can download all of the videos too, so you can have full access even when you don’t have internet.


Our extensive mace training guide isn’t the only education we provide. We have TONS of content for people. There’s too much to list here so definitely check SET FOR SET's Youtube - we appreciate the follow too ;) - and check our blog. We are always pumping out more videos and blog posts to help you advance your mace training and learn new aspects of mace training that maybe you didn’t think of. Here are all of our blog posts on mace training.

Your support in our business will help us continue putting out mace education. 

best place to buy a steel mace


No, we only sell steel maces online.

As far as we know, there are no physical stores selling steel maces…

So, online is your only choice. We could be wrong, though.

The benefit of seeing them in person before buying is that you can pick up the maces and see what size is best for you. That said, without proper knowledge of how to use the mace, you will still be lost as to which size to buy.

steel mace cost


This is why we put together an in-depth article on what size mace to buy (it is by far the most in-depth article on what size mace to buy that we’ve seen online). It covers the best size for beginners, for both men and women. And it goes over the best uses for each size mace and more. Definitely read that before buying if you aren’t sure what size steel mace to get.

In a nutshell, the 10LB steel mace is the best beginner mace. The weight of a mace is deceptive. Heavier maces are much harder to learn with, so the 10LB is always recommended, even for strong guys out there (although if you are quite strong you might be able to get away with a 15LB mace as a beginner). Note: Even the 10LB mace will be challenging and there are many benefits of choosing this weight, such as versatility, one-handed swings, etc. Again, read our what size mace should I buy post to learn all about these things.


We can’t guarantee anything here but we estimate a 3-5 day delivery time. This is standard mail. We also have expedited mail which is quicker. All in all, most mace sellers have this estimated time...some longer. 

Amazon Prime has some sellers for next day delivery, so if that is important for you, you can consider that option. However, remember the value you will be getting. The maces arrive quicker but will they be as good? Check the reviews to see. Most of those sellers have shinny, plastic end-cap maces. We are confident our maces are worth the extra couple days.

Note: We are considering getting into Amazon Prime so we can also offer next day delivery for our superior maces (sorry to toot our own horn).

All in all, we do our best to make sure we get your maces to you as quickly as possible and generally speaking our customers always commend our quick delivery time.

steel mace supplier


Our customers’ satisfaction is top priority. If there are any issues with delivery or our maces, we will handle it promptly. We are known for having the best customer service. Again, check our reviews for confirmation of this. Our goal is to put a beautiful mace in your hands in the quickest time possible.

Customer service

When it comes to customer service, we are the best in the game. Bar None. If we weren’t, we wouldn’t say it. We answer emails quickly, we handle problems immediately, and we do everything to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. We won’t let you down, guaranteed. Our business thrives on good customer service. It’s one of the primary aspects of our vision statement.

steel mace review


We offer bulk and wholesale steel mace pricing. You can contact us at support@setforset.com with how many maces you are looking to buy and we will send you a quote. If you live outside the US, or in Hawaii or Alaska, please let us know in the email. 


Update we've stopped shipping internationally until we can find better/cheaper options

We sell internationally through our website. Shipping is expensive though but we’ve never had an international customer complain once about the service and delivery. We’ve sold many large and small orders to various countries in Europe, Australia, and Asia. 

steel mace

Feel free to contact us with any questions.

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