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9 Famous Biohackers You Should Follow

March 18, 2021 1 Comment

Are you interested in optimizing your health and the way your body functions? Then biohacking, aka DIY biology, could be the answer you've been looking for. To find "biohacks" that work for you, you should first know what biohacking is and then follow the most prominent names in biohacking so you can test out their methods. 

What is biohacking?

Biohacking can come in many forms, everything from nutrition, meditation, nootropics, molecular biology, genetic engineering to altering the human body by implanting technological devices. Depending who you ask you might get a different answer of what it means to biohack. The one central goal of all biohacking is to improve how the human body functions.

Here are 9 Biohackers You Should Be Following

Check out the personalities below for a glimpse into the world of biohacking.

1. Dave Asprey

Dave Asprey

Source Mensfitness

The man who brought you Bulletproof coffee, maybe the most well-known biohacker has claimed to have spent over $300,000 over the past 15 years in an attempt to hack his body. He has since lost over 100 pounds, lowered his biological age and improved his IQ score. Asprey’s Bulletproof diet promotes eating a diet high in fats, moderate protein and low carbohydrates.

2. Tim Ferriss

Tim Ferriss

Source Entrepreneur

The king of deconstructing skills to make them easily digestible, Tim Ferriss got a great start by founding then selling an online nutrition supplement company called BrainQUICKEN. He then rose to fame with his New York Times bestseller, The Four Hour Workweek. Following that hit success, Ferriss unleashed a barrage of biohacking in his second bestseller, The Four Hour Body. His podcast The Tim Ferriss Show has frequent guests who delve into all things health, biohacking, lifestyle design, and mental performance.

3. Ben Greenfield

Ben Greenfield

Source Ben Greenfield

Greenfield has grown an army of followers in the fitness community thanks to his foray into the biohacking world. He employs biohacking techniques to break through his and his clients’ fitness plateaus. Using cutting edge nootropics, cold thermogenesis , laser therapy, transcranial direct-current stimulation and much more; Greenfield is always exploring new ways to hack the human body. 

4. Liz Parrish

Liz Parrish

Source Bodyhacks

Going the more extreme route of biohacking, Parrish underwent gene therapy in a secret lab located in South America. She was the first person to use the controversial practice of gene therapy. The condition she is trying to fit is one that affects us all, aging.  She has since founded the company BioViva to bring gene therapy to her patients.

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5. Gabriel Licina

Gabriel Licina

Source NYDailyNews

X-men power became reality when Licinia volunteered to have Chlorin e6 injected into his eyes. This substance found in some deep-sea creatures allowed Licinia to see objects more than 50 yards away in a dark field. No more need for night vision goggles!

6. Larry Smarr

Larry Smarr

Source Calit

Being at the forefront of scientific computing coupled with a background in astrophysicists Smarr became a biohacker to find a way to improve his deteriorating body. Using his analytical mind, he started tracking his body’s data points such as biomarkers, genomes and microbiomes. After studying his body he was able to diagnose himself with Crohn’s long before any medical professional could. 

7. Ryan Bethencourt

Ryan Bethencourt

Source Ryan Bethencourt

He is an entrepreneur, biohacker and scientist. Bethencourt is a partner at Indie.Bio, an early stage seed fund and biology accelerator.  Indie.Bio has since funded 68 biotech startups. He has also founded Counter Culture Labs which is a citizen science nonprofit as well as Sudo Room, a hacker space located in Oakland, California.

8. Kevin Warwick

Kevin Warwick

Hailing from the U.K., Warrick is known for his researching robotics and combining the latest technology with the human body. His most famous undertakings include Project Cyborg which involved numerous experiments from implanting electrodes and chips into his body resulting in new sensory occurrences, controlled robotic limbs from a distance and hooked up his nervous system to the internet.

9. Abel James Bascom

Abel James Bascom

Source Eventual Millionaire

The host of Fat-Burning Man Show, Bascom began his journey into biohacking after constantly failing to lose weight following advice given to him by medical professionals. He has helped a countless amount of people lose weight with The Wild Diet. Although very similar to the Paleo diet this differs in the fact he encourages people to eat dairy products. He says you should eat intuitively or when you’re hungry but only consume real foods such as fresh vegetables, meat and tons of fat. Everything’s better with butter! Last but not least, SLEEP.

If you like experimenting on yourself (in safe and healthy ways), definitely check these biohackers out and try implementing some of their methods into your daily routine. 

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carol gibson
carol gibson

August 17, 2021

im really into the biohacking lifestyle please let me know if theirs local groups in the baldwin co. al. area

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