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Game of Thrones Workout - Steel Mace Warrior Training

May 11, 2019

Do you want the swiftness of John Snow? The unilateral strength of Jamie Lannister? The power of Brienne of Tarth (Knight of House Tarth)?

Well, we have the perfect warrior workout to achieve Game of Thrones strength, and all you need is your body and a steel mace. 

Are you ready for battle?

Game of thrones workout

Why did we choose a steel mace for this GAME OF THRONES workout?

The mace, which is a bludgeon, is an ancient weapon that was used in numerous civilizations, dating back as far as eight millennia. The mace is a blunt weapon and it was used to deliver powerful blows. It came in a variety of designs and sizes. It was also a great training tool for warriors, to develop rotational strength and shoulder power for battle.

The modern day steel mace

The steel mace is an unconventional fitness tool which is based off of this ancient weapon. It’s essentially the same thing, minus any sharp spikes, and depending on what size you use, heavier than a mace that was used in battle.

Is there any other fitness tool that has more warrior status? Kettlebells, battleropes, and sandbags are cool - military style - but they were never weapons. So, if you want to train like a warrior, and get real fitness results, there’s no better equipment than steel maces.

Thus, we believe steel maces are perfect for a Game of Thrones Workout

Steel maces will give you The Mountain grip strength, Arya balance and coordination, Tormund Giantsbane rotational power, Hound shoulder strength, Khal Drogo core stability, and you will look The Night King badass when doing it. 

The steel mace is the ultimate unconventional upper body training tool.

warrior workout

Game of Thrones Steel Mace Workout Details

We’ve put together a GOT Workouts for all our Game of Thrones fans out there. The movements are not extremely advanced but the workout is brutal. So this workout can be done by anyone who has a good grip of the steel mace basics and has good conditioning. 

Workout Type: AMRAP (As Many Round As Possible)

The great thing about an AMRAP workout is that no matter what level of fitness you are, you can do this. This is because you control how many rounds you will complete. Therefore, you can make it as intense as you want.

For beginners, you may only complete three round. If you are in great shape, you may complete more than 6. If you can do either workout for a total of 45 mins, you are a ferocious beast worthy of the throne.

Remember, push yourself if you want to be GAME OF THRONES War Ready.

Equipment: Steel Mace (men: 15-20LB mace recommended ; women: 10-15LB mace).

Time: Until the battle is won (as many rounds as you can).

Target Muscles: Full Body (with emphasis on upper body strength and endurance)

Structure: Complete each exercise for 45 seconds. Rest 10-15 seconds in-between exercises and 30 seconds in-between rounds. Make sure to target both sides equally for exercises that target one side.

Dynamic Warm up

We do a dynamic warm up which involves some bodyweight stretches and exercises. Make sure you do this before starting the workout as to prevent any injuries. What they don't show or talk about in regards to battles and war is, warriors always warm up. 



Exercise 1: Stab and Move (Moving Jousts)
Exercise 2: Moving Through Battle (Uppercut Lunges))
Exercise 3: Handle Your Sword (10-to-2)
Exercise 4: Bury 'em (Walking Grave Diggers)
Exercise 5: Bend the Knee (Half-Kneeling Uppercut)


Take a 2-5 min rest before starting the burnout workout

Choose 3-4 exercises from the advanced mace burpees video. Do AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible) for both exercises. Do them one after the other. When you finished all the exercises you’ve chosen, then you are finished! 

Other Steel Mace Workouts:

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Where Can I Buy A Steel Mace?

Buy Your Steel Mace Now

Steel Mace Training e-Guide: Go from beginner to advanced mace swinger using our 84-page steel mace training guide - It has everything you need to know and tons of tutorials. 

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