4 essential steel mace exercises

4 Essential Steel Mace Exercises + 360 Practice Moves & Tips

June 08, 2020

The Steel Mace is a simple tool that requires mastery of a couple of key movements. The following 4 Steel Mace videos will help take you from beginner to warrior in no time at all.

4 Essential Steel Mace Exercises

Steel Mace Pendulum Swing

The Pendulum swing is a prerequisite movement that you have to master before you start performing 360s and 10 to 2s. 

Steel Mace Pendulum Tips:

1. Keep grip loose on mace.
2. Bring hands lower down the mace handle if needed.
3. Let the momentum of the mace do the work.
4. Swing for 10-15 reps, and keep on practicing this (get your reps in!).

Other 360 Practice moves:

1. Mace Pull Overs - This is a good practice move. Start with your hands spread out (one closer to the top and one at the bottom OR both stacked and choked up on the mace), then work your way to stacking your hands at the bottom. 

2. Metronome.

3. Practice the 360 with your hands chocked up on the mace. Try it with you hands at the middle knurling. It won't be as smooth since there will be less momentum as you are making it a shorter lever essentially, however, as you get use to the weight of the 10, you can slowly work your hands down the handle of the mace until you are able to stack them at the end of the handle. 

You can start piecing the practice moves together. For example, do the pendulum swing and practice pulling it over to the front - so pendulum to pull over, then repeat. Also practice metronome to pendulum, but instead of trying to pull the mace over to the front, continue with the pendulum. Once your comfortable, you can put all three prerequisite movements together and perform a mace 360 with your hands choked up on the mace. Then, slowly start working your hands down the handle of the mace until you can perform the 360 as such...

Steel Mace 360

Mace 360 Tips:

1. Push your hands overhead.
2. Aim the head of the mace over your shoulder.
3. Let the momentum of the mace do the work on the back portion of the swing.
4. Don't give the mace the death grip.
5. Keep your core tight.

Steel Mace 10 to 2

10 to 2 Tips:

1. Think of a clock and it's 10 and 2 points.
2. Let the mace head do the work.
3. It's a swing, not a lift.
4. Bring the mace down in the front, at it's 10 or 2 angle, until your hands reach your navel. 

Steel Mace Curtsy Lunge

Steel Mace Curtsey Lunge Tips:

1. Spread feet shoulder width apart.
2. Place Mace over your left shoulder.
3. Keep left foot facing forward.
4. Step back and across left leg.
5. Try to get knee as close to ground, no bouncing.

We hope these videos help you on your way to mace expertise. These are steel mace beginner moves that you should practice, practice, practice. They are also some of the funnest steel mace exercises that you can do. 

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